NBA Playoffs
Is there anyone on this forum who likes the NBA? I really love it and try to watch as much as possible, especially now when the playoffs are on. I'm a big fan of Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls!
I only know Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olojuwan, Larry Bird and likes. Sad
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I used to watch it when O'Neal and Kobe were together at Lakers. Used to support them. Now I don't watch it anymore.
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I'm a big fan of Phoenix Suns since the day of Charles Barkley and co. I really like their run and gun style. Their entertaining game kinda reminds of when I first fell in love with Sacchi's Milan although with one big exception: Suns won nothing. Yet I stubbornly prefer we play that way. I guess it's part of my childish idealism that refuses to grow up with time. Haha.

Coach Gentry seemed all but abandoned that gung-ho this season for a more balanced approach but we failed even worse and couldn't qualify for play-offs. So if we are going to fail anyway, we might as well play beautiful passing game, methinks...
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Phoenix didn't make playoffs cause they lost Amare. It has nothing to do with Gentry. Nash is also 37 but still brilliant, but don't underestimate losing one of best scoring PFs like Malone.

They still play good passing bball, but without Amare they get killed on rebounds and scoring inside everygame.
I was a huge fan of NBA in the late 80s (Piston era) and 90s (Bulls and MJ). I believe that for every season, I watched 60-80 regular season matches (all teams included) and almost all playoff games as long as I could. And I usually could. Smile

What is funny is that since I moved to the States more than 10 years ago, I could barely gather any interest to watch more than 10 games (regular, playoff, final) for each season. :/
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BIG game coming up tonight! Celtics vs Heat.
5 big Ts in one game. Celtics vs. Heat was certainly heated! Big Grin
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Heat were all over the place vs the Celtics.

Yes, the team that kicked the ass of my NYK with a clean 4-0.
But Carmelo is in so, i hope with a few smart moves Knicks can only improve for next year.

Ca Rossonero are people over there a bit surprised with Memphis?