Missing threads
I am looking at what is going and trying to see if I can recover threads, a big mercato thread or two unfortunately among the missing.

In the meanwhile if you see some changes, like I moved the mods now, please be patient as I am trying some tools.
I am going to try something else tomorrow.

My personal backups are not as frequent as the one the server provides and how is this for coincidence? The server does daily backups automatically but it has failed to do so for the last week. Last one is top most, but notice all the dates Wallbang
(the blanked out parts are the username which I didn't want to be visible publicly)

[Image: dw.png]

It is Christmas time, the server also deserves holiday!
Shame about the missing threads, but thanks for the effort reza.
(12-25-2013, 09:51 AM)maharaja Wrote: It is Christmas time, the server also deserves holiday!

is that why all the restaurants are closed these days? Icon_lol2
aka xudong
At this point anything can go wrong, but the December 17th backup should have the Winter Mercato 2014 posts up to then ... two obvious issues though:

First, like I said, I have to make sure it actually does have it in proper shape.
Second, if I use the Dec 17th backup as is the whole forum will go back to Dec 17th (other threads won't have posts from Dec 17th to 'now') so I am trying to only add back the missing stuff, it is tricky.

Stay tuned lol.

Is it worth it Reza? I'm just wondering how many people will actually care to have stuff from 10 days ago back now. Other than referencing the odd post I or someone else has made (which I'd never bother to actively search back for anyway), I can't imagine myself doing anything. Maybe others do want it back though, I just don't want you to waste time on something that's not worth the effort.
Dev, to be honest I am not sure if it is worth it, but I will give the very few options I have a shot and see how it goes.
I think if u'll have to set all threads back to Dec 17, better not do that and just open a new winter market thread...afterall it's mostly rumors and fantasy signings...the ones that are already done we all know about as for the ones that hopefully would be done, the really relevant news are the latest not the history...
Dont sweat it Reza, however you resolve it you have our back.
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