Poll: Buy CBs
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Rodrigo Ely
4 5.71%
Michelangelo Albertazzi
3 4.29%
Davide Astori
17 24.29%
Francesco Acerbi
8 11.43%
Angelo Ogbonna
17 24.29%
Matias Silvestre
3 4.29%
Mehdi Benatia
4 5.71%
Cesare Natali
3 4.29%
11 15.71%
Total 70 vote(s) 100%
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Summer 2012 - Incoming: CB
Quote:Torino's Angelo Ogbonna: I support AC Milan

The Italian defender has stated that he follows the fortunes of the Serie A title holders, but added that a move to San Siro is not on the cards just yet

Oct 17, 2011 8:02:00 AM
By Stefan Coerts

Torino defender Angelo Ogbonna has fuelled speculation that he could be on his way to AC Milan in the not too distant future by admitting that he supports the Italian champions.

The centre-back is considered to be one of the best young defenders in Italy and has already been called up to the 2006 World Cup winners' senior side, although he is yet to feature on the pitch.

Ogbonna has previously been linked with clubs such as Liverpool, Juventus and Napoli, and although the 23-year-old has confessed that he follows the San Siro side's fortunes, he insists that could have no bearing on his future.

"I support AC Milan, although that doesn't necessarily mean that I will move there," Ogbonna was quoted as saying by La Stampa.

The Serie B star has a contract with Torino which runs until the summer of 2013.

I can see us getting him as a Bosman next summer. Sleepy
aka xudong
I think this has turned into a bigger need than mid.

Silva, Mexes, Yepes and Bonera is nowhere near enough quality, probably not even for Serie A. Arguably we need one bigger name than the ones listed in the poll.
(05-12-2012, 11:14 AM)Gio-mania Wrote: Not a single one of the listed players can hold half a candle to Nesta. To be fair though even the more costly options aren't comparable either.

Why do we need 3 new CBs? Are we certain Yepes and Bonera are leaving? I'm particularly skeptical about the latter one leaving, since his contract is still in full effect. Personally I wouldn't have much against these two players staying another season, instead of having to buy two new players. We can't expect to get 2 new CBs, some SBs, two midfielders, Tevez and now apparently I'm hearing talk about a second choice GK.

Also, isn't Ely one of our youth players?

hey Gio, actually this poll and the assumption that we require 3 new CBs was based on the previous set of polls in which the members here voted off Yepes (not to be renewed) and Bonera (sold) in addition to the official farewell of Nesta. This is the hypothetical team WE want...
but yeah now it seems more probable that these 2 are staying.

As for Ely, it's about to promote him to become a 1st team member as was de Sceglie this year
How i see it, apparently we've offered half of strasser,valoti and 7mln for ogbonna, ogbonna is a milan fan too, so 80% sure he's a milan player soon.

Acerbi said he's leaving chievo, he's probably coming to us.

so two 23 year old defenders, good business but aren't close to nesta. i guess management just wanted two promising youngsters to fight over who can clean nestas shoes Tongue just kidding, ogbonna has potential but i dont know much about acerbi
In today football no one match Nesta even just close to his level. Maximum we could get someone who Silva's level but it would cost a lot of money and we are poor when it is about a defender, not to look at that we are now not like before in spending money to buy players. Quality young defenders (20-24) if we could get, I will be happy since they can develop.
"When Costacurta and Maldini won they didn't celebrate much. They were thinking about winning the next game" - Alessandro Nesta
Acerbi is still better than Bonera. With Acerbi and Ogbonna, can they just sell Bonera and Mexes and sign Dede.
Is Mexes really that bad? As far as I remember he played well before game vs Barca. I don't know his mistake in Serie A game after Barca 2nd. leg but his mistake in Barcelone is due to lack of respect to opponent or underrate the situation he faced. If he could solve that problem, I will choose him to partner with Silva and it is still a good combo not only in Italy but also Europe.
"When Costacurta and Maldini won they didn't celebrate much. They were thinking about winning the next game" - Alessandro Nesta
I was curious to see how our defenders compare to those we're linked to and decided to check up stats on whoscored.com

Let's say the results are interesting.

Thiago, Nesta and Mexes perform a similar number of tackles within our side per games, but while Nesta and Mexes only perform a limited number of interceptions, Thiago on average performs an additional interception per game when compared to the other two. This basically means that Thiago's game is more proactive than the others who are being more reactive, meaning Thiago looks to win the ball ahead of the opponent rather than tackling them (important in a pressing game). This is something Nesta used to be famed for, but I don't think his physique allows him to do it anymore, as it is also noticeable that he commits more fouls(almost double) than the others per game.

In this respect Matias Silvestre and Benatia are more like Nesta and Mexes than Thiago in that they make a higher number of tackles and less interceptions. Interestingly, I think both given the stats and their physique might be better suited to deep defensive lines rather than where they are expected to push higher up the field and have a great reading of the game.

However, the stats for Astori and Acerbi were really interesting. Astori has very similar stats to Thiago Silva, although slightly higher, which is normal given that he plays for a side that generally is under more pressure defensively. His reading of the game seems to be a strong point and he could work quite well in our system for this reason. Acerbi in this regard is quite astonishing. Not only does he have a higher tackle rate than any of those who generally more proactive, but he makes a massive number of interceptions per match, which I doubt has gone unnoticed when we've been looking to get him. Of course, there are things to bear in mind, such as at Chievo he's often under more pressure than Thiago at Milan, but given his performances, as well as statistics, he's a reasonable choice for recruitment.

Unfortunately, there aren't any stats available for Ogbonna.

Dede is a freaking MONSTER! Okmilan

Seriously now, Dede is playing in a higher level than T. Silva at the same age in Brazil, and thats say something. Plus, this guy is a aerial threat, a goal to happen every corner or set piece.

Just look at the results of Vasco da Game after Dede´s injure... team went down hill.

It´s a rare combination of size, strength and speed... you just don´t see it often in a big CB. Plus, high character and a real pro.

Btw, a side not... can´t believe no one in Europe bid for Rafael Toloi... kid is still playing great, and for a team in second division. That crazy Mano Menezes also, called Bruno Uvini(now on Spurs), that I rate pretty average and not Toloi... unbelievable.

Dev, great stuff as always, but I think the reason why Silva got interceptions had more to do with him playing the front part of the CB duo while Mexes and Nesta played more of the sweeper role. Interestingly enough, I would have thought the oppossite.

Anyhow, thanks Brasileiro on Dede, as I know I seen a gem in CB when I see one.