Poll: Sign Permanently?
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Sulley Muntari
25 21.37%
Alberto Aquilani
10 8.55%
Maxi Lopez
10 8.55%
Stephen El Shaarawy
37 31.62%
Alexander Merkel
35 29.91%
Total 117 vote(s) 100%
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Summer 2012: Sign on Permanent Basis
I wonder who picked Lopez in this poll. Smile

Personally, I feel bad for this dude. He pledged his loyalty to us even when he wasn't sure if Tevez was coming (knowing that if Tevez came, then he would go back to Catania; he was staying at a hotel at Milano while waiting for the news); he didn't complain being benched; he said he would even kiss the grass if he got a chance to play. Not a superstar, but did his part. Reminds me a bit of JDT (maybe not as good, but still). Players like him are hard to come by these days.

If he stays and Robinho leaves, I guess I won't mind. I just don't see Galliani paying 8.5 Mil euros to redeem him. Cheap bastard probably will try to lower it down to 2.5 Mil. I don't know if I want to laugh or cry at this thought.
aka xudong

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