Poll: Sign Permanently?
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Sulley Muntari
25 21.37%
Alberto Aquilani
10 8.55%
Maxi Lopez
10 8.55%
Stephen El Shaarawy
37 31.62%
Alexander Merkel
35 29.91%
Total 117 vote(s) 100%
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Summer 2012: Sign on Permanent Basis
I think muntari has been greatly useful this season i really like the guy as a player he should 100% be kept. Merkel and ELS 100% kept too top prospects imo. no to aqua no to maxi, lopez looked okay when he did play, but his price isnt that cheap and he's still nothing special we musnt forget.. aqua hasn't really proven himself, plus injury prone.. montolivo can do his job and better, so out with aqua in with montolivo
Done! My picks are:

1. Muntari. He did OK on the left but that made Noce useless on the right. I really think with some good coaching he can play in front of defense.
2. SES. I like the directness of his play.
3. Merkel. He could add a bit brain on our brawny mid. Merkel and SES are good for both short and long term too. They're my first options to come from the bench instead of those highly paid veterans and that will help them develop too.

As for Aquilani, well, like his nickname (Aquaman) suggests he only excelled at Milanello pool this year working on his fitness. Looks like a year being fit with Juve was an exception rather than a rule. He did showed glimpses of his talent when fit but to me that's not enough, and he took forever to reach that level after he's fit again. Maxi just doesn't seem to have Allegri's trust and that's a more important factor than his admittedly low price tag.
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(05-08-2012, 08:26 PM)Gabriel426 Wrote: Why Aqua? If Milan can sign Monty, Honda and Hernanes.

Agree. With Montolivo on verge of joining us and Hernanes too (apparently), no need for Aquilani...
If the rumor is true that Milan have signed Montolivo and will buy Hernanes (or other quality offensive/creative midfielder), I don't see a reason to sign Aquilani. Muntari (as long as not big wage, maximum 2,5 mil euros, should be 1,5-2 mil euros), Merkel and Sharaawy should stay. Merkel is more experienced after his spell with Genoa and so is Sharaawy with his games in Serie A this season. Lopez should go to give space for Shaarawy with other 4 strikers: Ibra, Robinho, Pato and Cassano.
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If Honda is on sale for 15 mil as it was rumored in Jan, then Milan must try to sign him, as he imperfect for Allegri system.
I wonder who picked Lopez in this poll. Smile

Personally, I feel bad for this dude. He pledged his loyalty to us even when he wasn't sure if Tevez was coming (knowing that if Tevez came, then he would go back to Catania; he was staying at a hotel at Milano while waiting for the news); he didn't complain being benched; he said he would even kiss the grass if he got a chance to play. Not a superstar, but did his part. Reminds me a bit of JDT (maybe not as good, but still). Players like him are hard to come by these days.

If he stays and Robinho leaves, I guess I won't mind. I just don't see Galliani paying 8.5 Mil euros to redeem him. Cheap bastard probably will try to lower it down to 2.5 Mil. I don't know if I want to laugh or cry at this thought.
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I chose all but Aquilani, reason being he hasn't been consistent enough for us to warrant his signing especially seeing as Montolivo looks set to join (similar types of players in many ways).

Maxi Lopez I voted for, but then read we have to pay 8.5m to redeem him? If that's the case, then it's too high and we either need to look to lower the cost or look elsewhere.

SES for me is a certainty, his ability and energy and potential make him a definite signing for the long term.

Muntari is another who is a certainty. He's done really well since joining and has proven many people wrong with his performance. At 27 and for free, don't see any reason not to get him.

Merkel is another certainty. He's too talented and has too much potential for us not to keep him. I want him to remain in our squad too, not be loaned out.
Keep all of them, it as simple as that and let all the oldies go with the exception of Mr. Milan aka Nesta.
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Aqua and Lopez were the ones I did not choose, as both of them really add nothing to the team.
(05-09-2012, 10:39 AM)Gabriel426 Wrote: Aqua and Lopez were the ones I did not choose, as both of them really add nothing to the team.

Same here. I vote for Muntari, SES, and Merkel.