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Sulley Muntari
25 21.37%
Alberto Aquilani
10 8.55%
Maxi Lopez
10 8.55%
Stephen El Shaarawy
37 31.62%
Alexander Merkel
35 29.91%
Total 117 vote(s) 100%
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Summer 2012: Sign on Permanent Basis
Done! My picks are:

1. Muntari. He did OK on the left but that made Noce useless on the right. I really think with some good coaching he can play in front of defense.
2. SES. I like the directness of his play.
3. Merkel. He could add a bit brain on our brawny mid. Merkel and SES are good for both short and long term too. They're my first options to come from the bench instead of those highly paid veterans and that will help them develop too.

As for Aquilani, well, like his nickname (Aquaman) suggests he only excelled at Milanello pool this year working on his fitness. Looks like a year being fit with Juve was an exception rather than a rule. He did showed glimpses of his talent when fit but to me that's not enough, and he took forever to reach that level after he's fit again. Maxi just doesn't seem to have Allegri's trust and that's a more important factor than his admittedly low price tag.
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