Poll: Sign Permanently?
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Sulley Muntari
25 21.37%
Alberto Aquilani
10 8.55%
Maxi Lopez
10 8.55%
Stephen El Shaarawy
37 31.62%
Alexander Merkel
35 29.91%
Total 117 vote(s) 100%
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Summer 2012: Sign on Permanent Basis
I think muntari has been greatly useful this season i really like the guy as a player he should 100% be kept. Merkel and ELS 100% kept too top prospects imo. no to aqua no to maxi, lopez looked okay when he did play, but his price isnt that cheap and he's still nothing special we musnt forget.. aqua hasn't really proven himself, plus injury prone.. montolivo can do his job and better, so out with aqua in with montolivo

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