Rade Krunic
(10-19-2021, 10:03 PM)Beppe Wrote: It would be too easy to delete this post now after the Porto gameĀ  Angel

In all fairness, it wasn't just him that was terrible.
True, I don't think even one of our players should get a rating higher than 5. Maybe tatarusanu, he didn't do anything wrong.
He's just worthless with no quality at all. He sometimes can provide (mostly against crappy teams) if he have a good day and that's it. But, unlike some others, he's at least trying to do well and to contribute.
He simply don't have quality to be (important-ish) part of Milan ,but at the end, it's not his fault that he's here. It's fault of those who bought him here.
Avaiting forĀ arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
For me Krunic can stay as long as he's used properly(sub / small teams) and is happy doing so
Krunic can play 5-10 minutes here or there. Copa games. Etc. But he should not be starting for Milan unless for some crazy circumstances. Having said that, the squad is what it is and he is in this position where he gets the minutes he does. We need another ACM in the winter so that Krunic can be where he belongs (3rd/emergency choice)