Poll: Carlos Tevez to San Siro. Discuss.
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Waste of time and money. I'd rather see ACM sign Klaas-Jan Huntelaar again than Carlos Deadbeat
4 12.50%
Sign him on loan and then get rid of him when Cassano comes back
3 9.38%
Sign the problem child on loan and if he performs well and does not cause problems we should think about it
12 37.50%
We're good at rehabilitating. He's great at football. Risk worth taking
8 25.00%
Better than Cassano and Robinho. Leader. He will eat Serie A for breakfast. Bring him now
5 15.63%
Total 32 vote(s) 100%
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So you want Tevez or what?
(01-16-2012, 04:38 AM)xudong Wrote: I wanted Milan to win;
I wanted Milan to win beautifully;
I wanted Milan to win beautifully and keep all clean sheets;
I wanted Milan to win beautifully, keep all clean sheets, and have a squad of 18 Italian NT players and 7 foreigners (players of Messi, Gotze, T. Silva's calibre).

At the end of a day, I just want Milan to win. I don't even care how. And I certainly don't care whom we get on the transfer market. Well, maybe "not care" is a poor choice of words, I just feel that the world is not going to be perfect, and whoever we get for Milan, as long as we win, I am happy. Okmilan And as A&G (Allegri&Galliani) have the best of Milan's interest at their hearts, I will trust whatever they do must be for the best, and I will stop worrying. :Okmilan:

Sometimes a loss is needed so that the win will be more satisfying Grinundwech
but sometimes when you lose, you don't get to keep playing, so you can forget about winning, not alone being satisifed with winning. Grinundwech unless it is Inter Merda, in which case there is always the next season. Big Grin Icon_lol2 Inter5ow
aka xudong