Winter Mercato 11'/12'
talk about Prius vs Range Rover!!! i thought we were going to get a Range but we couldnt afford one so we got a Prius... the Prius can do everthing the Range does and is better for the environment!!! I think Milan is a bit too cold for Prius... we need a Range to help heat up this place!!! but a what cost? we might add
(02-01-2012, 08:02 AM)bijon Wrote: I am not a big fan of Muntari, he does not belong in a club like Milan, the only aspect he brings to the game is physicality but at the expense of lowering the entire teams "intelligent purposefull collaboritive play". He is not very bright, in fact, he is stupid...maybe we can use him as a dm to pressure and scare opposition players. He will be a good work horse against the smaller Serie A teams, but I would not risk the stupid against top teams...he is guaranteed to do something stupid and lower the combined IQ of the team.

Not totally, but a lot like Flamini then... U31
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