Locations and how you found MM
(05-31-2017, 06:46 PM)Milan Wrote: Anyone on here follow a second team?

Yes. Milan Primavera.
I only support Milan, though have a soft spot for Leicester.
I'm from Norway, but I've been living in London for the past four years. I discovered MM back in the late 90s, when the site was run by some Danish guy. I think it must have been in 98 or 99, because I remember posting here when we won the Scudetto that season Smile was 15 then, can't believe how much time has passed

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This forum states I've been a member since 2012 or something like that.  In actuality I was a member of the old Milanmania since 1999.  I just cant remember how I came about finding this site.  It was easier back then in '99 because there was a gazillion less sites in the world wide web back then.
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Just found the site again today on twitter after 5 years, didn't think it still existed and to my surprise my account still worked!
Welcome back! Smile
Welcome back! Smile
I will share my story here as I want to relate to the Bonnuci situation, making a comparison with the day Nesta was signed.

I found out of MM through a classmate of mine in 2001, he was a Milan fan but head of time in terms of internet usage. He showed me the site, and bare in mind, at that time and leaving in a developing country it was a huge deal for me to get to read and chat with other fans.

The older members remember that we had the news section in the front page at the time, and at that time this was my first source of information related to Milan. (Soccerage was second)

I distinctly remember the day when we signed Nesta, as I went to a internet cafe to check up on the news, and it was right after Cannavaro had chosen Inter, after a long long process. I could feel that we had been one defender away from glory, and as Cannavaro went the other way it broke my heart.

If I remember correctly the Nesta deal was a bit of shock and done very quickly, similarly to Bonnuci. I opened milanmania.com the front page and I read that we had signed Nesta, and I immediately started crying (in a public space). I was so happy I could not hold my tears. No other player or transfer has given me such an emotion, as it meant we were back in business. I have the same feeling today, not the same emotion, as football has lost that part to money, capitalism and Raiolas of the world. However, it does feel that we are back and so does MM with all this new traffic.
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I'd really be interested to see a chart that shows this quarter's site traffic compared to the previous few Smile
I am from Indonesia. I forget how I get to this forum. I think, I was searching for Milan news especially Milan discussions. I went to local forum (Milan or football forum in Indonesian) and international forum searching for good and respectful discussion. IIRC I join this around 2006 and in RB I was registerd since 2005, so I think I went to RB first than to this place seeing this place had lot of good discussions (at that time though, there were a lot of long post but very good and really enjoyed reading every single post like that). So, I stay and some times write my thoughts here while on RB just as visitors (I only have a couple of posts there I think).
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