I had a friend of mine talk me into Metal Gear 5, just a couple of days back. I never warmed up to the series coz I just don't like games with mindless shooting and it seems like one of those. Off late I just seem to have gone completely off the action game genre.
You're completely wrong with your assumption of MGSV being a mindless shooter, it's anything but. It's a stealth action game, that requires skill, strategy and planning and a lot of patience, go all guns blazing and chances are you'll have your ass handed to you. 5 is more open than previous games, so has more room for different approaches, but there's still very much a focus on stealth gameplay.
(02-22-2016, 03:32 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: No idea when the release date will be, as they're keeping it close to their chest for the event you mentioned next month. I'd argue a sensible time frame to aim for is actually around September. The end of the year (pretty much mid-October onwards) will be very competitive as always and so it might not be the best idea to challenge the competition then.

Likewise, we're in for some big titles between now through to near summer, with stuff like Uncharted 4 still to come out and latest news suggests Persona 5 is due for release for summer 2016 (presumably a Japanese release). SquareEnix would probably want to avoid clashing too much with these games (Persona 5 is direct competition). That's where September seems a smart choice to me, as I'm not aware of any major titles releasing around that time at the moment, leaving it open for Final Fantasy XV to dominate the headlines and public mind space.

The other aspect of this is I think it would be detrimental for SquareEnix to go into an event in March to then come out and say the game will be released in November/December. Reason being that fans have been waiting long enough for this game (10 years to be precise), it would be really frustrating to then hear it's at least 9 months more before they get to play it (as you said, FF fans are known for being reasonable). Instead, it would be better for PR to come out and say the game's out in a handful of months, the wait is well within sight. I also believe they are planning one more demo before the game gets released, one that will be available for all unlike the last one. If that's the case, they will surely have that available at the point of the March event or as an E3 announcement.

On FFVII, I kind of get why they would release it in episodes, in that they don't risk a FFXV situation again (huge development time). However, as you said it's all dependent on how the episodes are broken up and the amount of content in each. The other aspect is what the episodes are, I've heard all sorts of stuff like it could be 3 episodes, the first being the original game, the others being sequels or they literally will split the original game. It's a crazy idea that I doubt is true, but point is we know nothing right now. The other aspect of this is they say each episode will be a full sized game, which could literally mean anything, but if it means expect up to 15-20 hours of content in each, then realistically don't expect a lot of episodes, instead it will be structred more like FFXIII, a trilogy with each release coming out every other year or so.

New rumours on the release date. If true, just want to say "called it!" Big Grin
Maybe you are the source who has passed them the information Big Grin Devilol
Siamo a posto cosi.
lol, too much effort and too little reward Wink
Free windows 10 app: Age of empires castle siege. It's pretty much pay to win, but a fun mobile game if you don't know what to do. Less complicated and less pay to win than that clash of clans-like shit.
So last night there was an event called Final Fantasy Uncovered which was basically all about the release date finally being announced for Final Fantasy XV. However, a lot was revealed and I feel the scope of this has just gone through the roof. A few bullets:

- The game will be released on 30 September (as leaked)
- There will be Deluxe and Collector's editions
- There will be a mobile pinball game called Justice Monsters Five (I believe the game is a mini game in the main title)
- There will be a 5 part anime called Brotherhood coming out prior to the game's release. The first episode is out now online
- There will be a movie called Kingsglaive released prior to the game's release. It won't have a theatrical release, but stars Sean Bean, Lena Heady and Aaron Paul.
- A new demo is available for free from today! It is mostly meant to be like a tech demo where you play as a young version of the lead character, Noctis. This demo won't be in the main game and on completion you can get the summon Carbuncle. The only way to get this summon will be the demo, not in the main game.

A bunch of trailers and videos are online too, you can get to see them here:

I will probably watch uncovered event tonight (it was streamed live, but it was 3am here!), as I think there's a bunch of things in there that is probably of interest (I know the series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi made an appearance as well as interviews etc.). I rarely watch these things (usually just get the headlines later), but this one seemed quite interesting.
Beautiful! I completely forgot about the event until this morning when I realised we were at the end of March. I looked up some of the news myself but should have known that you'd post a succinct summary here for us Big Grin

Definitely going to look for that demo later today, and also try out that anime. Hopefully it has English subtitles!
Siamo a posto cosi.
lol, I try to be helpful Wink

Will try the demo myself over the next few days (work means it'll be difficult to play quickly).

I can confirm the anime has English subtitles, as I decided to have a quick browse of it earlier.
Luckily I got a chance to get hands on and play through the FFXV Platinum demo. To boil it down, it's very much a tech demo, showcasing 3 different types of environments, a forest type area, a giant room and a town. In each area, you have buttons which you can stand on and each one will have difference effects, for example showing off the day night cycle or weather change. There are crystals you collect and as you get more, the more buttons appear. You also get some basic forms of magic which can be used in combat along with the weapons you are given (a toy sword and squeaky toy hammer). At the end, you go into an arena like area (shown in previous tech demos and trailers), where you turn into adult Noctis to fight an Iron Giant in a boss battle. Once defeated, you can choose to fight again or complete the demo.

I really liked what I saw. The graphics and world design are beautiful, at times stunning in its scope and scale, with a couple of breathtaking moments as you play through. The only slight issue I had was there was slight stuttering in frame rate, never to the point that it felt like it significantly impacted the game, but enough to be noticed.

In terms of gameplay, traversing the enviorenments is simple third person fare, mostly running around with some basic platforming style mechanics, like a jump button. It's not as refined as a pure platformer or third person adventure game, but that's pretty much never the case in RPGs, nor is it likely to ever have any adverse effects, such as having to jump between platforms like in a platformer. The only issue I had was the camera felt slightly too close to the lead character and when you run into objects, the camera can be confusing.

As for battle mechanics, I really liked what I tried. You can hold down the attack button and combos are done on the fly, or continuously keep pressing the button as in traditional action game which basicallly has the same effect. Dodging is similar, as holding the button will allow you to dodge most attacks, though I think there's a meter that runs down as you do this. A quick double tap of the same button does a dodge roll (i.e. manual dodge). There are also other mechanics that I haven't even done yet, such as parrying and warping. Quite possibly my favourite feature was the use of the d-pad. Each d-pad button can be assigned a weapon or type of magic. As you play, during the middle of the combo you can change weapon using the d-pad to flow into a different combo. Each weapon can do different amounts of damage, so the sword is weaker but quicker, while the hammer is slower but does more damage. Mixing it up is great fun.

I saw some criticism of the battle mechanics feeling "slow" online, though honestly I have no idea why, as I felt it was really well balanced. I know those who were critical had played Episode Duscae last year, where there were more options (i.e, weapons) available with a more powerful character, so I suspect this is why they had concerns. Personally, I loved the battle mechanics, but don't go in expecting super sharp action like Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising or Devil May Cry, which are all about the action and your ability to cope with the situation based on reflexes and timing.

Instead, this actually feels closer to what JRPG battles are traditionally about, which is having a strategy and approach that works for you. For example, when facing the Iron Giant, I initially attacked head on and got a few hits, but he'd strike me with ease doing much more damage. As a result, I kept my distance, initially hitting him with a couple of magic attacks before realising that there are moments where I can wait for an opening and go in to take advantage. However, this isn't the only approach, as I've seen comments of people using warp to strike swiftly from above, or parrying attacks to force openings. In effect, there appears to be depth there, but also the pacing and approach makes you think less about minutiae of landing attacks and more about the overall approach you take. My only real concern about the battle mechanics is how it's received among gamers. If people expect the super responsive controls ala the games I gave as an example above, there will be some disappointment. If people want traditional FF menu system style battles, they may be disappointed. I'm hoping the majority of people will be open to a new approach and have patience with this, as I think this approach requires a subtle change of mindset in how the game is played. I think the closest game I've played to the combat in this is Kingdom Hearts, though I personally thought this felt more refined.

Overall, I'm hugely excited about this game (even moreso than before). Honestly, I was very impressed with what was fundamentally nothing more than a snippet of what the game could be like, but it left me wanting more and I want to try out the things I haven't yet with the battle mechanics, so no doubt I will play it again. I hope they can iron out the framerate and camera issues to help it feel a bit smoother, but beyond that, I really enjoyed what I played.

Edit: Totally forgot to mention, but deserves recognition, the music was fantastic. I really enjoyed the themes that played and am really hopeful for the soundtrack for the game.