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Sulley Muntari
25 21.37%
Alberto Aquilani
10 8.55%
Maxi Lopez
10 8.55%
Stephen El Shaarawy
37 31.62%
Alexander Merkel
35 29.91%
Total 117 vote(s) 100%
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Summer 2012: Sign on Permanent Basis
(05-12-2012, 12:53 PM)Beppe Wrote: Why not Aquilani? for 6m he is a steal! He was one of our best midfielders before his injury, after that he never got a real chance.

If we get Montolivo and seek another good creative-offensive midfielder (over 15 mil euros until 20 mil euros), I don't think we need Aquilani. 6 mil is really a cheap price for him but Milan really lack of money and 6 mil should be very useful to add to money prepared for replacement of Seedorf.
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