Pirlo Twitter rumour
Not sure how frequent anyone on here uses Twitter (I'm D4nny_G13 if you wanna follow, I'll follow back) but last night there was quite a hideous story about Andrea Pirlo circulating.

Now, as a new member I've no idea what feeling on here about him is: my personal stance is I utterly loathe him for playing so patchily for the latter years of his time here, then badmouthing the club after he left and basically deciding to play the best stuff of his career at Juve.

That all said when the story broke last night that his child had died of cancer, I was incredibly saddened for him. No matter what happens in the sport, you never want anyone to suffer. Or to lose their own child.

Turned out it was a hoax. A sick, sick hoax by someone clearly imbued with a personality disorder.

Pirlo's son does not and never has had cancer. I cannot fathom why anyone would want to trivialise the world's biggest killer.

Anyone else see this story?
[Image: San_Siro1.jpg]
That is sick. Why would anyone do things like that?
aka xudong
Sick rumours and hoax happen too many times online. Sad.