Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout
(07-01-2011, 03:13 AM)brasileiro Wrote:
(05-12-2011, 09:26 AM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: Thanks for the reply. It's a question that I've wondered about for a while. I've only ever seen him on the right of 4-2-3-1, but I've noticed he does like to come quite deep at times to start moves, so what I was wondering was how he'd be if he started deep, but was free to move forward to support attacks. One of the reasons I've considered this was he likes to make driving runs through opponents and Allegri likes midfielders who will run through on goal from deep. In a sense, both seem to fit really well.

That said I'm always aware it may not work out based on Zidane as an example. Used in deep areas initially by Juve he wasn't too successful, but when played closer to goal he was unstoppable.

I also read an article that Delio Rossi (Palermo manager) see's Pastore's future being in midfield rather than closer to attack like it is right now. It's interesting how so many players with more attacking characteristics are being tried in deeper roles. Some work out well (Pirlo, Seedorf) while others don't (Zidane and Anderson).
Wow!Didn t saw your point... sorry.

At South America under-20, our coach used Lucas as a second-volante at some games. Thats what impressed me the most for a yound AMD. Kid is also open to do Elano s role at the right side of the mid in a possible 4-3-3 or 4-4-2... his own words.

I understand what you re saying, but Lucas needs to play close to the goal. Guys like Jucilei and Arouca are the ones to make what Allegri wants. I don[ t know if you watched Santos x Penarol final, but after a terrible first-half, Arouca completely changed the curse of the game at the second when his game came back to normal. And I m not only talking about his run past three players to setup Neymar to the first goal.

Can t believe Galliani loved Danilo and not Arouca... What more Arouca can do to earn a call from Menezes and offers from Europe is beyond meHuh

Regarding this trend of coaches to realy kills the #10 position, it s realy get on my nerves. Pastore is a #10 and needs to play there. The kill of the #10 position is bad for the game. I m glad Milan has the trequartista role on DNA...

Btw, this Ademilson kid is for real. I don t like it but I m seeing the young Romario once again. Shame hes a Sao Paulo player, because to buy this kid now would be an amazing purchase...

Thanks for the reply brasileiro, it's always a pleasure reading your posts. Arouca looks good, and personally I agree with you about Menenez needing to try some other options. Personally, while I understand and respect his decisions for his midfield, personally, I only really like Ramires of the Brazilian midfield right now. Elano's not a great player, but is versatile and offers experience, especially to clubmates like Ganso and Neymar. Meanwhile, I know you're a fan of Lucas Leiva, but personally I'm still unsure he's the best DM Brazil have right now.

About Lucas Moura playing deeper, well, it was really just a thought that I had, but not necessarily something I'd want to see given his ability higher up the pitch.

Btw, who's Jadson? He played on the right for the national team against Scotland instead of Lucas, which was a shock to me. What I saw didn't really impress me and I had no idea why he played.

Also have you got any videos of Ademilson?

Thanks in advance

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