Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout
(02-27-2011, 12:05 AM)GeoTav Wrote: Brasileiro can thank me, by creating this topic, I gave him some work on this forum !! Big Grin

Any news about that ? They say the Russian club (unless it is a Russian firm ?) wants to buy Gattuso to add him to the purchases of Roberto Carlos and Jucilei ...
I already did it at the first page, Geo. Anyway, thanks one more timeOkmilan

No news about it here, but the Russian club also bought Diego Tardelli this week. They´re spending a lot here!!
(03-02-2011, 11:39 AM)marcello-cro Wrote: Bravo Geo for this topic, as most of us are a great fans of Brasilian football + we have a man who can really stand behind his words when talking about young players from Brasil.

Special hello to my friend Brasiliero ( I'll send you a Pm my friend ).

Now, reports said, in the winter, that Milan has secured AM Lucas... Do you know anything about that my friend?

Shame about D. Luiz, as that was THE player I wanted in our back line. But Milan, REALISTICALLY needs to invest money into the midfield, the defence will be solved. News say Mexes is our player, and one LB will arrive. We cannot pay 100mln like Chelsea for 2 players, we cannot expect that aynmore.

My 1st choice now is Ganso, obviously, but if the fisical situation is not good, Milan should not risk it...
Great to see you here, my friend! Hope things are working better for you now...

I don´t know of where those Lucas rumors came from, but here in Brazil I hear nothing abou us securing him. I would love if it was true, but I really doubt...
(03-04-2011, 11:23 AM)Beppe Wrote: I'm afraid we will loose Ganso to inter (Leonardo). so my question to Brasileiro: Wich is the better option, Ganso or Lucas Marcelinho? How good can they become potentially in your opinion? Smile
It´s wide open right now, Beppe.

We were in the lead with Ganso, thanks to our history with Brazilians and Ganso´s own preference. But Leo appoitment really gave Inter a boost, since people loves him here and he´s already talking to Ganso as a "friend". Imo there´s nothing sure for both sides and only time will tell... Btw, now we have Robinho hyping Milan for us.

Regarding your question, they have different styles so it´s hard to tell. Ganso is more of a Zidane type, controling the game and Lucas is a Kaka, Messi type, VERTICAL. Both have great work rate, a thing will make it easy for them in Europe(since they don´t land in Fergusson´s hands). Ganso is taller, but Lucas plays much more bigger than his size shows. Lucas is injure free and Ganso already had 3 knee surgeries...

All in all, I would be glad with any of any one plus Giuliano.


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