Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout
(11-16-2011, 10:47 PM)Eric86 Wrote: Thanks for the reply it is kind of refreshing to have another view on a player ...

Alright some new questions firstly has Bebeto mathues son featured for Flamengo this season I can't tell as he doesn't even have a Wikipedia page which is kind of odd. secondly if he has is he any good the only view i have heard on him came from Fernando Duarte and he pretty much said he heard rumours that this is quality but is being type cast because of his father, personally i would find it highly entertaining to see bebeto child come though as well as mazinho kids that 80/90s brazil side would seem to keep giving in terms of memorable football and great footballing genetics. Additionally i would also like to ask if Avai William could be a reasonable option for milan to consider as a striking option in the mercato.
You´re welcome, Eric.

Can´t help with Bebeto´s son. Never saw the boy playing...sorry.

Regarding William from Avai, if thats is the CF you´re asking me, no way! LOL
A big CF, but thats it. Came from Santos academy, at the same time of Robinho, Diego, Alex, Elano, Renato but never impressed. Average player...
(11-17-2011, 11:04 AM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: thanks as always brasileiro, your insight is always great. I'm mostly curious to hear about these guys because I've heard about them elsewhere. I will be interested in learning more about them tactically in the future.

Btw, are there any good options in Brazil for the Van Bommel/Ambro role as DM in front of defence. Right now I think this is a position that's really difficult to fill.
You´re welcome, ACOkmilan

With some experience in pro football, imo only Arouca right now. He was amazing at this role one year ago, I´m a fan.

Now, if you want to get a prospect, Internacional has 2 players that fit this role and they have HUGE potential. Both were at Brazil under-17 NT... Rodrigo Dourado is dubbed as the "new Falcão"(the king of Roma), and Marlon Bica that is a starter for every Brazil´s youth teams since I remember. Both are hyped a lot, and they deserve the praises, but I can´t deny that I saw more impressive displays by Marlon than Rodrigo.

Found it about Rodrigo Dourado #5, but didn´t watch so, don´t know if it´s worth the time:

And now Marlon Bica #8 (first video with a big hair):

Second he´s #10, btw, Marlon already cut that hair:

Almost forgot, this young player also impressed me last season in Brasileirao: Wellignton from Sao Paulo. Some impressive displays.
Just found this amazing goal against my team:


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