Brasileiro: our Brazilian scout
(08-07-2011, 12:51 PM)brasileiro Wrote:
(08-04-2011, 06:02 PM)Siregar Wrote: Let's hope Milan read your comment and send scout immediately. Big Grin

How are you, my friend? Long time no see. I hope it is all ok with you.

Could you give your thought about Ganso right now (if he already recovers his form)? Is his form declining?
Is it worth for Milan to buy him?
Last question is do you think if he can perform optimally as left CM if he is given freedom (a free role) in that position?

Thanks in advance.
I´m doing great, my friend. It´s just that my new company is consuming my time... Plus, lost my patience with Mister X and all this Milan mgt talk we hear all off season. I´m tired and bored about that...

Btw, my post about Dede make it looks like he was unkown. He wasn´t that hyped last season, but right now he´s reagarded as the best CB playing in Brazil. If our mgt still didn´t know who Dede is, our scout service is in serious trouble.

Raegarding Ganso, he´s in a terrible form. It´s great because it will hit his price tag(not that much since Santos don´t want to sell. Just look at what they refuse from R. Madrid reagrding Neymar). I still think Ganso is worth. But the guy need a true pre-season workout to regain his strenght. Since Santos rush his return because of Libertadores Ganso is still strugling to find his form. Plus, I bet Ganso is still upset because he wanted to go to Italy bad, and it appears we cooled off.

At least now Galliani has a reason to ask for a better price, because his injure and drop of form make for it. Btw, there´s no report of his knee bothering him(it appears healed), so I still think it worth a bid.

The old(?) Ganso, before injure, had a great work rate so, I think it´s a matter of regain his strenght. anso is a #10 that plays much better a little deep in the mid. Not Pirlo´s deep, but also not that high as Kaka or Lucas... Thast what makes him a so unique player(#10).

I read a lot of misinformation at the mercato thread regarding Ganso, typical of those who are only watching him play now. Ganso loves(and thrive) to drop a little back and start the plays at the mid of the field and not just stay behind the 2 strikers like some posters are saying.

But I doubt Allegri would play him as a LCM in a free role, since he already started the season showing that last season type of midfield...

Hope to have helped...

Thanks Brasileiro. As always, your info comes earlier than others even the football media. Okmilan

About Dede I doubt we would make offer for him since we have Mexes and Yepes as backup. I know that our backups won't stay long (Yepes) and don't posses the quality of Milan should have for CB (very good defender, not only a good one) but for now IMO we won't sign a defender. Milan however should keep watching him since as I just said, we would need a very good defender to accompany Silva if Nesta retires.

The last information about Ganso makes me glad. From your post I get it that he only needs time to fully recover and get back his old shape since he already had the great work rate (which seems ?he is missing recently?), a vital thing that you stressed when you talked about Ganso pretty in the first times (in that time he would face big problem to play in Italy if he didn't improve his work rate).

About his possible position in Milan and what Allegri has been used until now for left CM, I think there is big possibility a CM with free role task play there (probably not 100% free role). He played Pirlo's there and Pirlo did much more offensive duties than defensive ones and had a pretty free role to play our game offensively. Even Seedorf still plays like it with the difference is that Pirlo had a more freedom to play with his own game. As long as Ganso shows his great work rate (that he always has desires to track back, not like DM though but more as defensive task as a team), he could be source of creativity and offensiveness for our play. If we look also what Allegri want from his CAM, Ganso suits better as left CM for Allegri tactics since from what I see Allegri wants a CAM more as an offensive player who connects the midfield and strikers without necessarily play-making the game, plays a direct game and likes moving forward getting chance to score, player like Kaka than Rui Costa (Allegri could also prefer Rui Costa's type of play though. We don't have chance to see his choice regarding the matter because we until now lack of creative-offensive player who could play as CAM especially player who plays typically like Rui Costa which leaves him only choice of Boateng or Robinho/Cassano. He did try it with Seedorf but very unsuccessful due to Seedorf's age and probably type of Seedof's play too that he is not a pure play-maker).

With Ganso as left CM and a robust, fast, skillful, offensive midfielder as CAM (type of player like Kaka) would make our midfield really much stronger and we can set up our target in Europe.
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