Week 27: Milan - Napoli March 14 20:45
Will Hernandez, Rebic and Calhanoglu be ready? Perhaps. Not sure what Romagnoli's status is and doesn't look like Ibra, Mandzukic and Bennacer are coming back.

Petagna and Ghoulam are injured.

Theo and Hakan will be back. Rebic and Romagnoli depends on todays training. More worrying is Dalot may have to play in place of Calabria because he's injured his pubes.

Not too worried about Napoli really, they're playing us and then Juve mid week, so they may well just play a less strong side so they can have a bigger chance of beating Juve since they have the first leg advantage over them.

Play our game up front and stay concentrated in defense. It's all we can do.

Edit: Oh damn, Just noticed that the Napoli Juve match has been postponed to April 7th. Lucky them.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
I don't understand why the authorities allowed the clubs to postpone this and pick their own date even. Can we also then postpone this game to a later date? Why not...it seems it's a "free for all" league in Italy....especially when Juventus is involved
To be really honest, I’m not too worried if Theo doesn’t make it but Calabria would be a big blow as Kalulu expectedly has regressed defensively (probably from lack of playing time). Give me Hakan or Rebic because this team needs goal scorers.
Lozano and Manolas not in Napoli squad.
For the 1st time in a while I feel confident about playing Napoli. Injuries or not. They have a very good squad, but just don't look convincing at all. Long gone is the flawless football they were playing under Sarri and even though Gattuso has made them more compact...they are not utilizing their attacking capabilities to the max. We play at a higher intensity and higher tempo then them.

A win for us may very well completely knock them out of CL contention. One less team to worry about. So this game is hugely important for the CL race. We have the opportunity to deliver the final blow to Napoli and effectively end their season. Maybe even get Rino fired...
Pioli's presser stated we've recovered Theo, Rebic and Hakan. Romagnoli's trained half a session with the team and will be assessed tomorrow morning. Calabria also a doubt.

I would gladly take Rino back to play understudy with Pioli, it would be great for his growth as a coach, and we'd have another Legend back at our club.
He could be our midfield coach like Dida with the GKs and Bonera with our Defense.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Rino is a real humble guy. Not many, if any, better then him. He just breathes fairness and is so genuine. Came to be our Primavera coach after already coaching professionally. BUT...not sure even he would accept being an assistant to Pioli, nor should he. He's coached some big teams already in his career. He's got his own path...which, who knows, one day may lead him back to Milan. It's just not now.
Rino fighting for his career and Napoli are a bit hot and cold.
Both teams have important player's out but hopefully we don't lose any momentum we have built recently. I expect a tough match but hope we can get a good win.

Sorry Rino...
Sky reporting Kjaer could be out too. Gabbia Tomori is a possibility...

Donnarumma; Dalot, Gabbia, Tomori, Theo; Kessie, Tonali; Castillejo, Calhanoglu, Krunic; Leao