Torino vs. Milan 4/28/19
We are being physical, not sure it suits us
ISzzo totally punched Calhagnoglu in the head.
whats that Goalie???
Really bad body language from the guys and little movement to find the space. They have no confidence. Luckily Torino doesn't seem to be trying.
Take Suso out, Piatek in, play 4-3-1-2, do or die
Sirigu is saving everything
Make Milan Great Again Okmilan
(04-28-2019, 08:22 PM)edysim Wrote: Take Suso out, Piatek in, play 4-3-1-2,  do or die

I agree, Suso has been terrible again. Cutrone is doing a good job so far;

Very bad first half, this team is really without any ideas and creativity. + they have no confidence and look very nervous. Conti was a joke the first 20 mins. could've been sent off

If we are going to win this one it won't be nice.
Quote:The problem with playing Cutrone and Piatek together is that neither of them are particularly good passers and it isn’t the natural striker duo you’d want where they complement each other. Still find blasphemous (if there’s no injury) that Piatek isn’t starting in such a game
Playing Suso/Hakan all season long is more a problem than playing Cutrone Piatek together..