Juventus vs. Milan (April 6, 2019, 18:00 CET)
There's no doubt Juve is the favored team in Italy. You'd think after their heavy involvement in the scandal that they would be harder on Juventus, but instead look at this. When Juve fails in Europe year in year out it's so satisfying since they aren't helped by referees. I wouldn't be surprised if 90% of their current point difference from Napoli was heavily referee assisted. We can't completely blame just that though. The dynamic of Serie A needs to change or they'll never move forward. Milan and Inter need to build this modern stadium ASAP & return to CL. We need much more efficient refereeing, VAR is good but the way it's implemented is far too time consuming and ruins the flow of the game. I love the technology but the way they execute it in real-time is quite flawed.

As much as I would've loved to see Italian clubs (especially the iconic ones) remain in the hands of Italian owners, in a sense to keep the brands as close to their roots as possible, it just hasn't really been working outside of Agnelli. It looks like the Chinese at merda and the Americans with us are aiming to finally rebuild an international brand & business. With the amount of revenue needed to successfully run a top club these days, there's no other way. You need maximum exposure and diversification in your revenue streams to stay afloat. Something someone like Berlusconi was unwilling more than incapable of doing, but nonetheless it'll take some time for Italy to reach it's heights again but it will get there with refreshes in management, broadcasting & stadium modernization.

Italy has so much potential allure for being a top football league when it comes to the country and it's clubs histories. It's the garden of Europe in terms of it's natural beauty, making it an attractive place for any footballer/person to live & historically they had an extremely important role in shaping the world of football. The real problem is the archaic ideology that the league itself is flooded with from racism to poor marketing/broadcasting deals & poor management - probably one of the worlds worst. Stadiums as a form of club revenue is not great compared to other leagues, a lot of mid table clubs are even building their own modern stadiums in other leagues.

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