Juventus vs. Milan (April 6, 2019, 18:00 CET)
(04-07-2019, 04:04 PM)nefremo Wrote: Refereeing in Italy is by far the worst. They call fouls on everything and anything and butcher the game. They slow down an already super slow style of football. Add to the that the type of bullshit we saw yesterday, where not even video replays help make the correct calls, and you have a recipe for disaster.
There are many aspects which Serie A right now lack-
-》Introduction of foriegn referee and match officials
-》What the use of VAR if u cannot use it properly. VAR hasn't improved the quality it is still the worst among Top 5 Euro leagues
-》Serie A needs to hire some fucking enthusiastic English commentators it feels like watching some sort of funeral commenentary. See EPL and La liga commenators they just go mad after one goal.
-》Serie A needs to take serious actions on Racism chants. Serie A is worst in this case
Make Milan Great Again Okmilan

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