Juventus vs. Milan (April 6, 2019, 18:00 CET)
Another thing I forgot......why the fuck are our players always so nice!?!? It took 90 mins for Romagnoli to get mad and stand up to Mandzukic!
We let Juventus put pressure on the ref after every single call. Bonucci, Mandzukic, Can, Sandro....all of them gather around the ref after a foul for us and complain while our players watch...instead of shoving these bitches out of the way and tell them to leave the ref alone.

Like I said, it took Romagnoli 90 mins to retaliate while Mandzukic and Bonucci are cunts for the entire game.

Fuck that!! Do you think Maldini would have stood for that? Or Gattuso??? Or Kaladze? Or Nesta??? Fuck no! They would have made Mandzukic's life a living hell and no way would they have let these cunts get in the ref's face after every call that went our way.

We need some nasty in this team. We need some character. Right now, looks like a bunch of pussy schoolboys out there.

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