Juventus vs. Milan (April 6, 2019, 18:00 CET)
If Conti is fit, he has to play. Calabri la has been terrible. But this is Gattuso.
Suso, 10 shit games in a row, still starts.
Samu, 1 shit game = bench. Where is the consistency and fairness? Can Samu also get 10 games?
Calabria, shit game after shit game, but plays all game every game. Same with Kessie, same with Hakan.

By the way, I am actually convinced that Calabria is plain simple DUMB. I'm not even talking of only football inteligence, but in general. He is truly an idiot, incapable of judging certain situations.

Kessie......we are fucked that we have to spend 24mil for his purchase this summer. This is a midfielder incapable of making the simplest of passes....time and time again. It's actually scary how consistently shit he is. In stoppage time today, he receives the ball and has no pressure on him. He has Samu straight down the line. Instead of making a simple pass on the ground to samu so that he can cross...Kessie fails to bring the ball down and then sends a pass in the air that was 5 meters too long anyway. Where is this potential that people talk about??? I've been saying this since last year??? Where????

Musacchio....similar to Calabria, he might actually not be very inteligent in general. Time and time again he made odd decisions on the ball. Time and time again he was right on the line of costing us a goal. Finally, he did.

Hakan and Suso = 2 players that should be leading our attacks. However, Hakan and Suso = complete failure in every! Single! Game!

Borini...what's there to be said. This is a player that should be getting 5 mins at the end of games to waste time. Instead, he starts.

Rodriguez = nothing. Couole chances to cross ended up in horrible crosses. Again, like in every other game.

Gattuso...has to go at the end of the season. 4th place or not. This is simply not good enough. And the fact that certain players play no matter what is criminal.
But more so than that, almost 2 years into his tenure, and we have no style and have ZERO fluidity. I can close my eyes and tell you exactly where each player will be when we have the ball. It's so predictable and rigid. It's so basic that we look like a youth team. It's ok to do this when we defend, but not when we attack. Positional exchanges are a must. Combinations (3 player combos, 3rd man runs, etc) are a must. We are so easy to defend and so boring...which is why teams easily neutralize us and we create almost no goal scoring opportunities.

The ref. I'd like to always believe there is no foul play from refs and everything is in good faith. But how do you do that??? How was thag handball on Sandro not a PK is beyind my understanding. How in the world did Bentancur not receive a yellow? How did Mandzukic not get a yellow until the 85th minute?? How did he then ot receive a red for kicking out at Romagnoli??? How are certain incidents pertaining to Juventus not reviewed???
I am a Pro-VAR person....but what is the point of VAR if all the decisions lie with 1 person still?!?!
The refereeing today was comical. Disguisting even.

Still, we have only ourselves to blame.

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