Juventus vs. Milan (April 6, 2019, 18:00 CET)
(04-06-2019, 05:55 PM)xudong Wrote: We need to be very careful. This referee refused to give Juventus any yellow card, refused to give us the penalty that is legitimate and given most of time, then turned around and gave Juventus an extremely soft free kick the moment that Dybala dived, which almost led to goal by them. And they didn't have any shot at all until that 40' mark. It is worth pointing out that the assistant referee who was nearby and in a great position to observe everything didn't think that was a foul.

I wouldn't be too surprised if Piatek or Bakayoko or Reina may be shown a yellow card for a non-existent foul in the second afternoon. We have to be ultra careful.

Bernardeschi was carded

also, it wasn't a penalty.. it could've been given as others like that have been but it wasn't intentional

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