Bologna vs. Milan 12/18/18
(12-18-2018, 10:48 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: Take away Juve and Napoli and Serie A is like Scottish PL. That's why we're still in 4th place with this team.

I dunno lad , Kilmarnock and Aberdeen look tasty this year it's probs stronger than Thee A  Devilol
(12-18-2018, 10:50 PM)Jay Crisp Wrote: I dunno lad , Kilmarnock and Aberdeen look tasty this year it's probs stronger than Thee A  Devilol

Sorry for insulting SPL...  Devilol
This team needs to focus all of its resources on upgrading the talent base with high level players, not just squad role players. For years now, we have signed guys like Laxalt, who is not a bad player at all, but isn't someone who can elevate a team on his own. These are classic role players who would do wonders when you pair them with stars. Imagine how good guys like that can be if they get to play off of someone like prime time Ibra. We need to stop focusing on always building "depth" and make sure we actually elevate the quality of our starting 11. Once the stars are in place, then we can find ways to fill out the rest of the team. Otherwise, we would just be wasting money on role player after role player.
What a horrible display.

No movement in the attacking third. ZERO imagination from the coach and the players. I am really starting to get disappointed with Gattuso. Not getting a result is one thing, but not getting a result and playing like we do is something completely different. Sideways and backwards passing. No worked movements and combinations. No exchange of positions and no fluidity when we have the ball. It's all so rigid and mechanical. This just isn't good enough and it's reflecting on the results. We barely create anything, we don't score goals and we have no idea how to attack. This, is on Gattuso. We were playing Bologna FFS!!!! Yes, it can happen where we don't win. But we should at least be peppering their goal and making the GK make saves left and right, force some desperate defending from the defenders, etc. Instead, we did nothing. Gattuso will finish the year with us, I'm sure of that. But yes, his position should be questioned. This is simply not enough and has to be better.

More so then Gattuso, there are some players that game after game show proof that they don't belong at Milan.
1. Kessie is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! How the fuck is this guy a starter (and considered undisputed member of the first 11) in Milan is beyond me. He does NOTHING! NOOOTHIINGG the entire game apart for some laughable decisions and terrible lackadaisical passes and touches. Can someone, please, anyone, explain to me what he adds to the team on the field. Please don't say physicality. It's gotten us nowhere and gives nothing to the team. We need football players, not physical brainless idiots. This guy has horrible technique, looks nonchalant half the time, fucks up more attacks and counters then anyone else and has zero attacking sense and decision making in the attacking half. I am actually so happy he is suspended for the next game. Finally I'll watch a game without him on the field. The only thing that sucks is that we have NOBODY to play in there since Bakayoko is also suspended. Big Grin

2. Calhanoglu. Get this guy off the fucking field and KEEP HIM OFF! Sell him in January. Lock him up in the basement. I don't know. Do anything just keep him off the field. And what's the whole big deal about his shooting ability. Every game he gets 2-3 opportunities to take a shot from just outside the area...and ever game those shots are either off target or barely trickling to the goalkeeper. He is always off balance when he shoots, there is barely any power in his shots, and let's not talk about accuracy as there is none. Football, as any sport, is a game of NOW. Not 3 years ago. This guy's been absolute SHIT for us!

I may be being too harsh on these 2 guys.....but enough is enough. 2nd season now, game after game, same shit after same shit. Absolutely nothing to be seen on the field. Where is this talent that people are talking about? Where is this potential that's supposedly going to make Kessie one of the best midfielders in the world?? I'm sorry guys. I just don't see it.
It doesn't matter if Gattuso can get a lucky win here or there, or if he can get 4th place, when the product on the field is looking like absolute sh*t continuously. Who defends Gattuso on the base of the team's standing is completely off.