Olympiakos vs. Milan 12/13/18
I can't fuckin believe this.
so... it was fun while it lasted. now we can concentrate on the league
this team is a joke
We take out a better performing striker instead of the one who cant score to save himself.. wtf is this shit from gattuso..
This one is unfair, not a pen at all come on
Wow, what a disgrace.
Gattuso IN?

Screw this.. im done watching Milan games for this season.. its a god damn embarassment one after another.. Milan should never set out a fricking team with the mentality that it was *okay* to lose but not by a certain amount of goals.. wtf is this shit.. its not like Barca or Juve..

The first damn opportunity he had, Gattuso pussied out and took out our striker to defend.. i repeat.. Defend! With the patched up shit defence we try to pass off as decent..

And his fucking insistence on playing Hakan even though that guy is getting worse every damn game he plays.. even a fucking cone on the field would get a better rating.. this was the time to try out Halilovic at the very least.. i hope Leo and Maldini feel sick to the stomach watching this fucking embarassment..

With our shit defence.. we should try to play attacking to keep them pinned in their half to reduce our risk but no.. we sit back and offer out pockmarked underwear to the horny indian villager asking to be raped.. fucking ridiculous
Ref and Milan 0/10
I mean.. it's nice to focus on Serie A but Rino tried to win that..