Milan vs. Torino 12/9/18
I dunno why I waste my time watching Milan in real time. Team needs creativity badly
-Too wasteful
-We have too many players whose bad form vs good form is too far apart for top level pros, Calhanoglu is one but there are others
-If Samu doesn't get a start in Calhanoglu's spot next week it is almost fire Gattuso worthy
-Gattuso must have seen something in a nightmare about subs that scared him
Wasted chances all around.

The only positive is the clean sheet.... And maybe the fact that if we negotiate Fiorentina, the other 3 teams we face in Dec are in the last 5 places in the table, whereas Inter have to deal with Napoli and Lazio have to face this Torino side and Atalanta.

Just hoping that we can recover Romagnoli and Mussachio asap.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
I dont know how cutrone could miss there. he had to score.

hakan , suso, higuain all disaster
Travelling overseas; struggled to get up and watched the game on crappy streams. What a waste of my time. Big Grin
Pacqueta should get ready and once January comes, just throw him in the game. At least he can take Hakan's spot
Big positive was that Donna had big saves and distributed well with his feet. Bakayoko just keeps getting better. Can't understate that we kept a clean sheet with Abate and Zapata. Exciting to see Conti warming up. 

Suso I think needs a rest. Calhagnoglu is just looking like Poli.
Abate is pretty good at Cb
A missed chance to go clear in 4th and get close to Inter.

Calhanoglu is just trash. He has been trash all season so I don't know how not a single other player in this squad can't take his spot. Castillejo wasn't great, but god fucking damn at least he brought a little spark on the field. Hakan was just absolutely terrible. Couldn't even trap a simple pass correctly. This team is missing A LOOOOTTT in the attacking 3rd and in the midfield.

Donnarumma was the best player by far. 2 great saves that kept us in the game. Suso is in bad shape. But too bad we don't have the luxury of sitting him out for a couple of games.

Still, Cutrone screwed up terrible on the one chance he had. It's inexcusable that he missed that. Should have been a goal and 3 points.

Btw....yet another great display by Bakayoko........but yet another deflated performance by Kessie. Very underwhelming at the very least. We need a technical and creative player in the middle. I feel like I've been asking for this for years now. We are so predictable and bad when going forward.

Higuain.......bad. All I got to say.

We got Bologna, Fiorentina, Frosinone and SPAL until the end of the year. We HAVE TO get double digit points from those games no matter how we do it.
Higuain has been terrible, and it's not like he's getting unlucky and isn't putting up numbers. It's the lack of numbers and everything else. His touch has been bad, his involvement has been dismal and his link-up play has been more than lacking.