Milan vs. Dudelange 11/29/18
Fabulous Fabio baby
Now we know why Halilovic, Berto and Mauri stay on the bench forever..
Mauri was ok and showed some passion. Berto, Monto, Halilovic, Borini save 17 million total in wages (2+2.5+1.5+2.5 after tax) and should be dumped as soon as possible. If there is a possibility of finding cheaper we should save 19 million wages by not keeping Higuain next year (9.5 after tax).
Higuain is disposable for me, he's not what he's made out to be, but with Ibrahimovic we'll see what they do together
I feel the same way. I wouldn't mind keeping Mauri as he seems to work hard. I also don't mind Borini except that this guy earns a lot of money (unbelievable, isn't it). Maybe he will take a pay cut (to 1M? LOL) to stay? Doubt it.

I am quite disappointed in Higuain. He is certainly useful, but the price tag is just outrageously undeserving. I am not sure if we have the option to send him back, though. My guess is that there is a "gentlemen's agreement".

I think we are stuck with him. We can only hope that he will prove his value.
Borini had an EPL (inflated wages there) contract, and of course a transfer wasn't going to cut the amount, I think we forget that often transfers in middle of contract do not change the players' wages so we basically had little to no choice but to be stuck with what Sunderland were paying him.
Higuain has been bad lately. Very frustrated on the field and is trying to do too much. He needs to go back to the way he was playing in the beginning of the year where he was quicker on the ball and focused on doing a bit more around the box and not at the midfield line.

He is still an incredible goal scorer and will come good. He's in a little bit of a slump, but I think it's mostly psychological. For some reason, these guys that come from Juventus (Bonucci being the other), they feel like they are the big superstars in this Milan and they take up far too much responsibility on their shoulders. They almost act as if the other players are beneath them and you see Higuain flopping his arms around complaining half the time and the other half trying to do too much and losing the ball. I hope someone can smack some sense into him because he'll head downhill real quick if he stays on this road. He needs to be humble and be part of the team. That's what it all comes down to.
^ That's true nefremo, he needs to just sit in that box and wait for Suso to give him the ball on a platter imo Big Grin

I remember I was reading our wage bill the other day on some website and I was shocked when I saw how many players who I haven't even seen on the field are earning 1.5m+. It adds up to drastic amounts of money, we could be saving 15+mln euros in wages just by offloading some of these useless players. Hopefully this is managements intent