Real Betis vs. Milan 11/8/18
(11-08-2018, 09:31 PM)Sampinjon Wrote: I remember him from FM 2003 or 2004 ,was beast there. Just checked for age - 37. In july will be 38.

Best budget right winger, if only our management play FM
But then again, i think we got halilovic because of some scouts playing FM and then they see him as "the next messi" Devilol

2nd half looks better
Suso is the best player we have. Don't know how some can't appreciate him
Milan is a rose
Love even the thorns
Good result

Just don't watch the game
Do we have any players left for Juventus? Confused
(11-08-2018, 10:59 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: Good result

Just don't watch the game

Da Grintuso Milan. Close yer eyes and hope for the best.
How's musa?
That collision with kessie was so scary too watch
(11-08-2018, 11:24 PM)millinarios Wrote: Da Grintuso Milan. Close yer eyes and hope for the best.

The feeling about Çalhanoglu’s injury, however, is not good. When asked about the condition of his right foot when exiting the stadium, he responded saying “bad”
Musacchio will be okay
Horrible first half. Better second half, but still, not good enough overall. We were outplayed by Betis over the course of the 2 games.

Gattuso keeps persisting with this shit of a 3-5-2 formation. It's too fucking pedestrian. No movement. Nothing between the lines. I said this before the game started, but the key was always going to be pushing Calhanoglu between the lines and giving more angles to our passing including vertical ones. That also allowed us to push the wingbacks up, which were standing in line with our 3 defenders in the first half. So yes, NO SHIT the change to a 3-4-3 in the second half by pushing Hakan higher up and giving him freedom WORKED. We were able to press Betis better and were able to move the ball vertically much quicker.
THEN, while we were the better side, Gattuso decides to change everything up again and switch the formation again by introducing Abate. Betis took control again. I mean, why the actual hell did he do that??????

So we get to the final 2 games and it seems like the final game against Olympiacos in Greece will be the decisive game. That's the exact scenario that we did not want to happen. We managed to get outplayed by Betis twice and we were extremely lucky to get a point today. Cudos to Betis, but this just simply isn't good enough. This damn "midfield" we have is a pain to watch. Get some fucking players that can play football please. I'm tired of watching midfielders that can't pass the ball between the lines, can't play under pressure and give up the ball under the slightest bit of pressure, can't create anything, can't take a man on, are never a threat in the box, on and on and on and on. Why is it taking soooooooo long to bring midfielders in that can play football. Just look at the difference technical players lke Lo Celso and Canales make. And they are not even elite players FFS!!!!!! But they are technical players, not afraid to play with someone on their shoulder and almost always seem to find way out of trouble by more often then not playing a vertical pass and breaking our press with ease!