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Montolivo bitter over Milan exit
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two pllayers out ... bertolacci and monto ... two in jordan ferri and lo celso
Yes to Lo Celso
he is proper lo celso ... boy what he did to us in san siro in europa league

Arsenal up ante for Samp duo?
Football Italia

great news we donot need these clowns
valdivia, jordan ferri, lo celso, andre silva, and thiago alcantara

(06-06-2019, 11:18 AM)artand Wrote: screw Valvidia and stuff like that. Sell Donnarumma and reinvest the money in Joao Felix
No thanks to either player. One isn't that good and the other has a massively overinflated price considering he's just a talented kid who's played his first season.

(06-06-2019, 02:52 PM)nefremo Wrote: I say milk them for more. Normally, after this year's performances, I would not even wanna hear about a Donnarumma sale. But fact of the matter is that we got FFP issues and the quick way out is to make a big capital gain. Donnarumma sale won't hurt the team greatly in the short term. We already have Reina and it also gives Plizzari a year or 2 to grow under Reina. 
So if PSG want Gigio, they need to dish out 80mil, PLUS the clauses you mentioned. 

I'd also definitely sell Suso, especially if the plan is to go with Giampaolo and the 4312. Suso would be useless to us in that formation. 

Sell Gigio to balance books. Sell suso to get funds to reinvest. 

Agree that we are covered in the CAM department. However, just because Paqueta has played as LCM in Brazil and for Brazil, doesn't mean he has to do that here too. As I said....the movement in that Udinese game was absolutely amazing from him. And when he got the ball, he immediately looked to connect the strikers. He moved in the hole but also ran the channels wide. I was a big fan, although it only lasted 35mins.
pretty much all of this is spot on.

(06-06-2019, 03:50 PM)Reso Wrote: Why would he be angry? He made a ton of money just sitting in the reserves team
Exactly. Also... no one forced him to stay. We had tried selling him but he didn't want to leave(likely no one else would be stupid enough to offer the money he was getting paid)

(06-06-2019, 05:24 PM)nefremo Wrote: @SkyEdge
I agree that the situation puts us in a tough spot where it looks like we should take 50-55mil. But we shouldn't let PSG take advantage of us....again. 

Our situation shouldn't dictate the price and they should know that. Or we keep Gigio and sell 2 other players, offload Reina's salary, etc, and take care of FFP that way.

In any case, it's actually looking like PSG want De Gea while Utd will turn to us for Donna. Both clubs are absolutely dumb as shit when it comes to burning I don't see a problem of requesting and getting 80mil from them. As a matter of fact, Utd might be even dumber then PSG. So if it's them that come forward then even better.

Yeah, we might as well wait it out. let P$G buy De Gea and Shitchester can buy Gigio from us for 80m

(06-06-2019, 09:40 PM)mazen111 Wrote:


You need to lay off you tube... Almost every player looks good on you tube.
Even Montolivo looks good on youtube!

Milan, Schick is not a priority
Silva to Wolves for 30M, Donnaruma to PSG for 60-70M and we are handsome Smile