Summer Mercato 2019
(07-22-2019, 06:56 AM)Rishav kant Wrote: I remember they set a price tag Of 45M or something when some EPL club approached them.

30M is the max we should offer for Rugani.
(07-22-2019, 07:35 AM)hwmook Wrote: 30M is the max we should offer for Rugani.

On Transfermarkt Demiral's market value is €15 million and Juventus want €35-40 million. Rugani's market value is €22 million, so I guess they won't let him go cheap either. They probably want at least €40 million.
Milan say no to Suso-Schick exchange.
Under + 20-25M for Suso.
At least 30mil cash or they can gtfo! We don't need any of Roma's players. No point in being forced to accept someone we weren't interested in to begin with, JUST to make this deal work.
The only Roma players I'd want to exhange with is Zaniolo and maybe Pellegrini.
what about cristante?
(07-22-2019, 09:25 AM)Arildonardo Wrote: Milan say no to Suso-Schick exchange.

Thank God. It would have been a horrible swap deal

(07-22-2019, 12:05 PM)edysim Wrote: Under + 20-25M for Suso.

Impossible. Because Under market value is same as that of Suso
Make Milan Great Again Okmilan
Rumors that Rugani is being offered to us again.

Crazy thing is that for some reason Juventus thinks he is worth 35+mil. Are they out of their mind? He is about to be 25 in a couple of days so he is no longer a "up and coming youngster". What you see at this point is what you get. He will improve some, yes, but it's not a given. My point is, we wouldn't be paying for potential as this is now a fully developed player. A fully developed player that's been a bench player for Juventus. So how the hell they think their bench players are worth 35mil is beyond me. Therefore, they can F off!!

Another thing is, if Rugani comes, then Musacchio should leave. We have Romagnoli as the sure starter, and from that point on we have Musacchio as his partner and the anticipated come-back by Caldara who is expected to eventually become Roma's partner. No need to invest huge sums in another CB who will be an anticipated starter. For me, Rugani is worth the same as Musacchio. If we want to get Rugani and replace Musacchio.
Like I said when Demiral rumour started, other teams are toying with us. These valuations are nonsensical.