Poll: Carlos Tevez to San Siro. Discuss.
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Waste of time and money. I'd rather see ACM sign Klaas-Jan Huntelaar again than Carlos Deadbeat
4 12.50%
Sign him on loan and then get rid of him when Cassano comes back
3 9.38%
Sign the problem child on loan and if he performs well and does not cause problems we should think about it
12 37.50%
We're good at rehabilitating. He's great at football. Risk worth taking
8 25.00%
Better than Cassano and Robinho. Leader. He will eat Serie A for breakfast. Bring him now
5 15.63%
Total 32 vote(s) 100%
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So you want Tevez or what?
(12-19-2011, 03:13 AM)ElMago99 Wrote: The problem is Milan Management seem to be unsure of a few things (at this point in time):
* Will Cassano recover?
* Can Pato fit our system? Can he play with Ibra?
* Is Robinho good enough? Is he better than Tevez? (Probably no)
* Is Tevez emotionally stable? Will he stay for multiple years or go nutso in a year if he wants more money or is not playing?
* Do we have plans to get Balotelli?


I am not even going to acknowledge Zeekay's comments about Benjani being better than Tevez. I assume he's joking. I like Zeekay but that sounds like he's trying to just start commotion in the forum, because to say Tevez, a 30+ Goalscoring machine who works his ass off like Gattuso to win the balls back when he loses it, and won UCL & the EPL is not as good as some Striker who barely found minutes on any of the clubs he ever played is pure ridiculousness.

Even with Tevez-Ibra, which would surely be the best strike force in the world on paper will not insure a Trophy when you have guys like Ambrosini, Antonini, & Bonera regularly starting games for your team.

Balotelli, Cassano, Ibra, Tevez. Imagine that. It would be awesome. We would be in the news every single day. I won't say the word "madhouse" here because it is inappropriate.
Tevez would ruin any good atmosphere in the dressing room. Plus isnt he cup tied for CL. He played against Napoli?
It is reported that Galliani cancelled his meeting with Man City (Braida will go instead). He will go to Brazil on "vacation" instead. Smile

Poor Man City who have to deal with a devil. Big Grin
aka xudong
Shows we no longer think we can get him.Dont want him.Or simply as per the course do not have the money.
Nah, I think Galliani is playing with City. Big Grin It is his "I am not desparate, you are" strategy. Big Grin
aka xudong
if he's crap we've just bought a whingey, moany pain in the neck with no re-sale value.

if he's good 6 months and he'll be wanting to go and play for real madrid.

not worth it.
I don't want him. We've got a good group going on here and I really hate for him to come and destroy the party...
I wanted Milan to win;
I wanted Milan to win beautifully;
I wanted Milan to win beautifully and keep all clean sheets;
I wanted Milan to win beautifully, keep all clean sheets, and have a squad of 18 Italian NT players and 7 foreigners (players of Messi, Gotze, T. Silva's calibre).

At the end of a day, I just want Milan to win. I don't even care how. And I certainly don't care whom we get on the transfer market. Well, maybe "not care" is a poor choice of words, I just feel that the world is not going to be perfect, and whoever we get for Milan, as long as we win, I am happy. Okmilan And as A&G (Allegri&Galliani) have the best of Milan's interest at their hearts, I will trust whatever they do must be for the best, and I will stop worrying. :Okmilan:
aka xudong
Now, I don't want Milan to sign Tevez, but I also don't want Inter to sign him. Apparantly they are dropping the Balo debt still owed by Manchester City in order to lower Tevez's price...
he's not going to Inter according to the latest rumors. THe last ones are PSG offered 29m + 8m in bonus. Still Tevez is yet to agree though.