Milan vs. Atalanta 12/23/17
Since you guys are slacking, I figured I'd start the thread.

Thanks for starting thread. The earlier in the week the better but I usually leave it up to others to do.
The troubling thing is I think we'll drop to 10th with Fiore & Torino jumping us
Naahhh.....this is when the climb begins. This is when the restart button gets pushed. We are winning this and beating Fiorentina also! Of course, we'll bitchslap Inter midweek along the way to Fiorentina
Çalhanoglu and Borini are expected to start on the left and right wings respectively against Atalanta. At the moment Kalinic remains in pole for a starting spot but Andre Silva or Cutrone could overtake him. Zapata or Musacchio to form the defensive pair with Bonucci [Sky].

We aren't winning with that line-up
i thought we are going to try 4-3-3 ?
with kessie in the middle as a guardian for both monto and biglia, maybe upfront it will be hakan - kalinic - borini, but imo it would be better if hakan plays as an am behind the strikers a duo of cutrone - silva/kalinic would be better imo.
If Kalinic starts ,Gattuso should be sacked.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
(12-22-2017, 12:19 PM)Sampinjon Wrote: Gattuso should be sacked.

Fixed O

But seriously, Kalinic might HAVE to play as Suso is out.
Either way it's going to be ugly
Milan is a rose
Love even the thorns
so borini and kalinic playing, we are gona lose again, congratilations gatuso, fuck of from the Milan, you are worst then montela
not worst, just the same, nothing different, when they keep insisting on playing kalinic, you know this team wont go forward in the near future.