Sassuolo vs Ac Milan Nov. 5th
(11-05-2017, 10:38 PM)WCmilan Wrote: This team is really lacking an identity. It's fair to say that we have some quality players, but we have no real style of play. We're relying on very rudimentary combinations and individual talent to win games. The 3 points is good, but for me Montella should still be sacked. Even the commentators on BEIN were saying that if a more experienced coach was at Milan they'd at least have an identity, couldn't agree more.

plus the pressure and the expectation was so high this season after spent 220M...there is even talks about scudetto contenders (after Bonucci transfer).
so far this season, IIRC, if Milan scored first..they will play better and later on win the games..
while if conceded start to play long balls/panicked..clueless when attacking (also happened against smaller side..if still 0-0 until certain minutes)..

the pressure was so affects everybody...even player with strong character like Bonucci also affected
3 points & a clean sheet are welcome.
But we won before & i wasnt satisfied & am not now.
When many were celebrating our wins some of us didnt because it was obvious that this team isnt solid enough.
Last game wasnt different but at least we got three points.
Monto & Kali shouldnt start as a first step in the right direction.
With that said , i say keep Montella until Conti or another big coach is on.

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