Serie A (Matchday 10): Chievo vs. Milan (Wednesday, October 25, 2017 20:45 CET)
Half time, 2-0. All things considered I think it's a good performance so far today. We're looking comfortable and are playing with a little more intent. I wasn't too pleased with Kalinic, though his flick on in the move for the first goal was vital.

We've not created huge amounts, but a lot of that is because Chievo have set up narrow, deep and making tactical fouls at any given opportunity. We did the right thing by moving the ball around them into wide areas and focusing on keeping the ball moving to look for opportunities to play through. Eventually, as they did start to open up, the first goal came and things have become easier since.

Now we just need to keep our heads. Manage the game and they will be forced to come out, at which point we can look to get more openings.
I'm happy we're winning but I noticed two things, both of which I've already mentioned multiple times:
1) Biglia is a finished player
2) We resort to using Suso way too often when we run out of ideas. I understand he's our best player but we rely on him far too much. It concerns me because if he wasn't on the pitch we'd literally have had 0 shots on goal.
I think the reason we're dependent on Suso is in our side he's the only one who is good at taking on defenders 1 v 1. When you don't take risks and have runners looking to disrupt an opposing team's organisation, those who work 1 v 1 are all the more important.
Calhanoglu!!! Great counter!
Calhanoglu! 3-0.
Does anyone have a good stream?
The PAID stream which I was using on BEIN connect crashed and isn't working for me anymore..
FFS Kessie, awful mistake and stupid goal conceded
Birsa of course.. 3-1.
That's a huge error by Kessie. 1-3.