Week 9: Milan - Genoa (Sunday, October 22nd @ 15:00 CET)
I thought I'd be done with opening game threads for this season, but this game is just over 12 hrs away and there wasn't one opened. So here it is! 

Rumors of a 3-4-3 with bith Suso and Bonaventura behind Kalinic. Biglia and Kessie in the midfield behind them. 

I don't mind this, and as a matter of fact I think it's what suits us best. The front 3 can be interchangable and you can throw Silva in there as well as Calhanoglu. Where I don't agree with this is the midfield. My opinion is that Locatelli HAS TO PLAY! This kid has fire inside of him. I love his aggression and he is the only midfielder that seems to know how to mark. I think with Kessie and Biglia we might be a bit too exposed. We'll see. In a 2 man midfield, imo, Locatelli is the best choice. From there on, put one of Kessie or Biglia on with him.

Anyhow, as it's been discussed in other threads countless times already, the problem is not the formation but the tactics around it. We have to move the ball quicker and in a more aggressive sense. We have to play a bit more vertical and we have to offer support on the ball in terms if shirt options for passes. 

Let's hope for the best....

Forza Milan!!!
Quote:Sky's latest on Milan's XI vs. Genoa: Gigio; Zapata, Bonucci, Rodriguez; Borini, Kessie, Biglia, Bonaventura; Suso, Çalhanoğlu; Kalinic.

3-4-2-1, something I've wanted to see.

2-1 Milan, Montella stays safe for now.
Zapata? where is Musachio? is he injured?
Play Locatelli and Biglia together!!!


Vincenzo Montella quoted Winston Churchill, prepared for Genoa and insisted “the only problems at Milan are results, not the performances.”

“We’re missing the results, but not the performances. I understand the disappointment of the fans, but it’s down to the results and not the performances."
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Milan: G Donnarumma; C Zapata, Bonucci, Rodriguez; Borini, Kessié, Biglia, Bonaventura; Suso, Calhanoglu; Kalinic

Genoa: Perin; Izzo, Rossettini, Zukanovic; Rosi, Rigoni, Veloso, Bertolacci, Laxalt; Taarabt; Galabinov
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Papers say that it's a 3-4-2-1....but that line up can easily be a 3-4-3 or similar. It's very attacking, and I'm happy for that.....but all those attacking players don't mean anything if we barely get them the ball in good positions and we keep playing the ball long from Bonucci all the way up.

In reality, this formation will not be symmetrical (Pep's style). I expect this to be more of a 4-4-2 when we defend as it was against AEK. When we attack though, I think Rodriguez will (and should) be overlapping Bonaventura more as a wing back rather than a CB that stays back all the time. We'll see. Then again, this can just as easily be a flat 3-5-2 with Bona a wingback and Suso as a SS (Hakan in midfield).

We have all sorts of problems offensively. We just look terrible, slow, and way too individualistic with close to no combinations between the players. Defensively though, this game can be lost if Kessie and Biglia are not disciplined and if they don't mark as they should. They HAVE TO be closer to their mark and in a position to tackle/force a mistake just like Locatelli always does. This is why I wanted Locatelli to play no matter what, but I guess that's not happening. On top of that, we need Biglia and Kessie to stay disciplined and protect this fragile back line. If they leave them exposed, we will be done no matter who the opponent is.
I think defensively we might see a shift to 4-4-2 with Borini dropping into RB, but I think going forward we'll see the back three staying in place (for the most part) and Kessie and Biglia covering in front of defence. That means Bonaventura and Borini pushing forward on the wings, Calhanoglu and Suso covering more centrally and Kalinic as the lone striker.

More than shape and tactics, we need to play with greater urgency and as a tighter unit with everyone working for each other, the subtlety of the formation will come into play naturally if we start with the basics first.
Anyone got a stream for the match?