Derby della Madonnina, Curva Sud and Nord, this Sunday October 16th
(10-17-2017, 02:32 AM)edysim Wrote: If still using 3 at the back, should be Biglia and Locatelli in front of them..

I have been calling for this for a while now. Locatelli must play. This is the only midfielder that wins the ball, is close enough to his mark to tackle, and actually breaks up stuff. Also, the passion this kid brings is contagious. 

Still, I think the problem is much deeper than this. As Sampinjon said, this team starts games and plays a good portion of the game like it is a Sunday pick up game at the park. Hate to say it, but this has become a trait of Montella's teams. He loves possession, but it is possession that has no purpose. It's kind of like possession you would play in practice that is only designed to keep you the ball but offers no instruction as to how to break a team down. Most of our posseddion is with the CBs in our own half. We show very little urgency to go vertical or to transition quickly. We ALWAYS choose to slow the game down. This HAS to be a coaching decision. 

Watching City-Napoli last night...the difference in ball movement (how quickly the ball moved) is huge. We look like snails compared to that. Now I know some of the players are better, but my god they are not that much better. Montella is dropping the ball big time. I supported the guy last season, but I have no other explanation as to why this is happening. His style simply does not have the needed intensity and speed of play, transition, etc. 

I know we have conceded many goals due to individual mistakes. But it's not even about that. I would be calm now if at least we played well. You could then say, the individual mistakes will stop and we'll be fine. But you can't say that now. 

WHEN we play under Montella's initial instructions we look terrible. While the score is 0-0 we always do the same. Slow passes. Back and forth between the CBs. The midfielders pass the ball back every opportunity they have instead of trying to go vertical and transition. Etc, etc. Only once we go down 1-0 do we start playing fast and pushing forward. But these aren't Montella's instructions now are they? This is the response the players take themselves which is natural after you go down a goal. So my question is....why doesn't Montella demand that we start the games in that way instead of making 50 passes in our own half for no reason moving the ball at a snail's pace?!!?!?
nefremo while I don't disagree with anything you're saying, I don't expect us to move the ball like Napoli or City, both of which have taken time to reach the levels of automation, and thus speed, at which they move the ball. That said, I do believe it's critical we learn to move the ball quickly, I've said we need to make the ball do the work and that comes with organisation and understanding this team is lacking right now.
Fair enough Dev. My point isn't that I expect us to move the ball like that. It's the fact that we move it with no purpose. It's possession just for the sake of possession. When the midfielders win the ball, their first thought (comes from am instruction I am sure) is to give it back to the CBs. We have to take some risks and be a bit more direct in our passing.

On the Napoli topic.....I actually thought about you during the game yesterday and how you talked up Diawara a couple of years ago. You were absolutely right. That kid is an absolute gem and Sarri has made him a monster. Currently, he is one of the best CMs in Italy and dare I say it...Europe. People barely talk about him, but he is such a clever little player that's also everywhere defensively and is very physical as well.
That's possession like on Roma game. First shot on target in 64th minute. And than comes Mirabelli and says "We dominated Roma over 70 minutes". Lol.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Nefremo I agree about playing with purpose. I would even prefer us holding less possession if we're able to do more with it. I'm not an advocate of Zeman's idea of no backwards passes, but we shouldn't be holding the ball without looking to open up opponents. Our problem is far too much of our possession is a player holding the ball looking for a pass available to him.

On Diawara he's been very impressive (as you said he's stood out since at Bologna), but I do think yesterday showed he and Zielinski (who I think has great talent) have a lot to grow. Too much I felt Diawara was chasing back or was too flat with the other midfielders. He's a big talent, but it's normal at his age he's not the finished article.