Winter transfer window 2018
I agree with needing a midfielder and specifically an alternative to Kessie. That said, as I've mentioned many times why is Montolivo so trusted by Montella? You rightly mention Montolivo has stuck out for poor performances, yet we have Locatelli who as far as I've seen this summer and the bits we've seen this season, he's shown he should be ahead of Montolivo in the pecking order and at the very least wouldn't be deemed a liability.

This is why we need to assess properly what's needed in the market. I want quality midfielders, we need them, but then when we have a young talent in the squad that we hope we can build around for the future and in his place Montella insists on an ageing player whose performances has surely made him one of the most disliked players in the club's history, before looking at the market I would question why Montella's making the decisions he is with what he has.
I came to a conclusion that it has to be something personal. Some issue Montella have against Loca. There is simply no other reasonable explanation. If that is case it will come out sooner or later and we will know.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
We need to get rid of Montolivo and loan out Mauri. Then we can talk about who we want to get. Big Grin
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Aleix Vidal in for Conti?
6 months loan in January with the option to buy is the best bet for Vidal.
At the moment a player we need is difficult to say ,because i still honestly do not understand how they want to play ,maybe an alternative to Kessie ?
I think at the time our best buy would be a well-defined tactical gaming module and understand if A.Silva can be our striker
(09-17-2017, 01:17 AM)WCmilan Wrote: 6 months loan in January with the option to buy is the best bet for Vidal.

I like Calabria.
(09-17-2017, 12:38 PM)PassiamoAlleCoseFormali Wrote: I like Calabria.

I like your idea.  Okmilan
But i dont think calabria would be good enough in the long term as a 1st team player, he would be good as a backup, but that's it, nothing more.

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I don't disagree. With Conti, Calabria certainly can only be a backup, but at this point, let's give Calabria benefit of doubt and a fair chance to prove himself, particularly when we don't even have any other viable options (Abate stinks at offense). Who knows, he may even turn into a great player for us (of course, defense is the harder quality to improve).