Poll: Which centerforward would you buy?
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Our big centerforward transfer
Only problem I have with Aubameyang is that by end of his contract he'll be worthless bc he'll be 32 years old. Nonetheless, I prefer Belotti
Nobody voted for Morata, yet seems like that's the guy we are going after Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
I think we will end up with one of the big trio, and Belotti is the best option.

Morata is just a more deadly version of Silva, and I love to see him sulking in Real's locker room. Why help them?

Auba brings back some memory, but what has passed is past. And at his age, staying at Dormund is better for his career.

Belotti is young, Italian and dominating in Serie A. This could be our last transfer so the person should be quick to adapt. We have young & Italian starters at GK, defenders, midfielders, but not yet in forwards (sorry Cutrone).
(07-18-2017, 04:34 PM)Mathias Wrote: I asked 10k for my 10 year old alfa but I also knew I wasn't getting that.

For 70M , he would have signed for MU already. Never knew but perhaps thats why they went for Lukaku instead.
belotti, dont care the value, as long we get him.
I picked Auba because he's the world class striker that could really help our team in the short term. That said, based on rumours right now, Belotti is probably the one we're most likely to get out of the top 3 (Morata, Auba, Belotti).

If he came, I'd still be very happy, I think he's an excellent player who has qualities that could be very interesting for us.
Is there any way we can find out who voted for Matri? Icon_lol2

Reza, is that you? Grinundwech
Should have made it public. I can see who it is, no it's not me Big Grin
Is it Allegri or Galliani a member here? Big Grin
Matri is a member Devilol Grinundwech