Matchday 36: Atalanta - Milan (Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 20:45 CET)
No comment, just found it funny lol

I want to know the context of that picture, only to find out why the disgusted face of Fassone Big Grin
(05-14-2017, 06:47 PM)Ace Wrote: why the disgusted face of Fassone Big Grin

He is probably thinking...."son of a bitch! I've been trying for months, and look at this guy..." 

On second thought, I think Fassone just naturally looks like that! Big Grin
Only good thing to come out of that gam,e was this picture. haha...
LOL at the picture Icon_lol2 and how one frozen moment could make a journalist's day. Big Grin
(05-14-2017, 08:22 AM)slifersd Wrote: Something interesting came to mind watching this game. It seems like every year, towards the end of the season, no matter how much we are or are not involved with the European qualification battles, our form takes a dramatic dive. Got me wondering, maybe this is due to the fact that so many players on this team do not have a solid role going forward. I mean, with so little continuity the last few years on our roster, by this time, a lot of the on loan, fringe rotation players or guys who might want to pursue greener pastures are probably busy looking for their next destination already. when that happens, they inevitably start taking it easy on the field and not give their 100% to avoid injuries, or just flat out don't care any more. It's like, if you know you are leaving your current company, odds are, even if you have not found your next job yet, you are not going to be working crazy hours any more, because you just don't care enough about it. With better stability going forward, hopefully we can avoid these situations.

This could be a reason. Makes sense.
That picture is gold! Devilol

I think slifersd made a decent point, it's something I've read elsewhere too. Although you might hope the players might remain focused and see the season out properly, there is always the risk that they have their mind elsewhere. In that respect, I think Donnarumma's shown just how phenomenal he is. He, arguably more than anyone, has had his future discussed in the press and his form hasn't flinched, it's been close to outstanding with some incredible saves (especially vs Roma).

However, I think a combination of things have contributed to our struggles, not just what's in the players minds. I think for all the good the success in the Supercup did, it has been the start of a lapse in concentration in the players heads. Add injuries and inconsistent form and then eventually the sale FINALLY happening with all the talk being about having massive reinforcement, and the focus is lost on what's happening this season.

I still also believe that Montella's choices, especially of late, haven't helped and have only compounded the issue. As nefremo said, it's the kids that showed a lack of fear and a hunger for the results that has been lost recently, so why they aren't used more consistently is confusing. If the mental aspect of the game is lacking, it's almost inevitable that the team will fail.