Matchday 36: Atalanta - Milan (Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 20:45 CET)
looks disastrous, like something bad aboout to happen with that line up.
(05-12-2017, 12:33 AM)reza Wrote: Sky is claiming a 3-5-2 now
Donnarumma; Zapata, Romagnoli, Gomez; Kucka, Bertolacci, Montolivo, Pasalic, De Sciglio; Suso, Deulofeu

I actually wouldn't mind this. The 4-3-3 is not exactly working right now. Suso is very predictable out on the right and his influence in games is very limited. Our strikers are not scoring any goals and look completely terrible so I don't care if either one of them doesn't start. So, why not change something around?? 

I just hope that it's not Montolivo and that he starts Locatelli instead of him. Also, is Calabria injured or something? I know he hasn't been great but I feel like RWB will suit him a lot better as he will have a safety net of another CB behind him and therefore he can focus a bit more on his attacking, which is probably the best out of all our fullbacks.

I also don't get the insisting on Pasalic as I've said many times before. BUT, I know that when it comes to our midfielders, it's a case of "pick your poison" so whatever. It's not like any of the others do any better.
I don't think the formation matters. The lineup is garbage.
I understand that, but who do you put in there? Bacca and Lapadula don't deserve to play at the moment. The midfielders, as I said, are all garbage and no matter who starts, the performance will be similar. Locatelli is the only one that I will vouch for to start this game instead of Montolivo. But the rest, it kind of is what it is. That's the players we have. There isn't much else in the squad that will make a difference.
I agree. June cannot come soon enough.
palleta - roma/gomez - zapata

kucka - monto


(05-11-2017, 03:50 PM)Mystik Wrote: Seems no one wants to take the responsibility of opening the thread! I've been on a poor run lately, as have our beloved club, but the game is in two days time!

Atalanta has probably been one of the surprising success stories of the season and currently sit six points ahead of us in the table. I think that if we don't at least win this game then fifth place is out of the question and the best we can do is Europa League qualification which starts in July.

I missed the Roma game but that might have been for the best because everything that I have read about it suggests that it was a train wreck. Now we have to dig deep and get a win against one of our immediate rivals.

If we lose this one, I'll hold my hands up and forfeit thread-opening duties for the rest of the season.  Devilol

Thanks, man. I have been overwhelmed recently. 

If we lose this one again, there will be only two games left for the season of embarrassment to end! You can still do it! Icon_lol2
(05-12-2017, 12:33 AM)reza Wrote: Sky is claiming a 3-5-2 now
Donnarumma; Zapata, Romagnoli, Gomez; Kucka, Bertolacci, Montolivo, Pasalic, De Sciglio; Suso, Deulofeu

How would that team lineup? Like this?


I can't imagine Bertolacci in midfield, so I can imagine him being the first point of pressing in AM, with a view of Deulofeu being launched on the counter. There's a bit of insanity to this system though, so I'm not convinced. That said, not having to watch Vangioni and Sosa in the lineup is surely a massive bonus.
My prediction is 2-1 Atalanta. I'd be shocked if we get a point muchless a win.