Matchday 33: Milan - Empoli (Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 15:00 CET)
(04-23-2017, 04:09 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: 1-2 full time. Terrible loss today, the performance was lacking in many ways, but there were too many individual errors that was most costly. The defence was a joke, Calabria good going forward, but not good defensively. However, the CBs were simply a disaster, so many errors it was embarassing.

The midfield wasn't much better, personally my biggest issue was with Sosa. I'm not a fan of Pasalic and while I respect Mati, he's limited. However, I don't understand the insistence on Sosa, as positionally he's terrible, his defensive work is nothing but reckless tackles every so often and going forward he doesn't actually direct the game, which is the role. I don't get why Montella insists with him.

I don't get Pasalic either. He offers more than Kucka going forward, but he's lacking in many technical qualities and defensively he's just not that good. A midfield of Sosa, Pasalic and Mati is just defensively very weak.

Anyway, I mentioned it in the Champions League thread, we don't quite have the quality needed to consistently deliver. On our day, we can beat anyone, but when we're having an off game, we don't have enough (personality or ability) to grind out results.

Today was a massive loss regardless. If Montella, I'd start with Locatelli again, Sosa just doesn't warrant a position ahead of him and I'd bring in Kucka, he's limited but just offers better balance than Pasalic. A midfield of Mati-Locatelli-Kucka is imo possibly the best trio we can go with right now. Maybe Sosa in place of Mati, but they have different qualities and Mati will join the attack better than Sosa.

I agree with your assessment over the midfield. I certainly like to see more of Locatelli. 

Now that Montolivo is apparently back, what do you think is going to happen? (not a rhetorical question)

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