Matchday 33: Milan - Empoli (Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 15:00 CET)
I praised Montella for his tactical switches in the derby, and now it's only right to criticize him for his choices against Empoli.

I can not understand why, WHY does Pasalic play every game, all game??? Is there something I'm missing here? Is there something that I just don't see?

Also, Sosa? Locatelli has outplayed him every time he has come on for him in the last few games, yet we see Sosa on the field again and again. I understood the switch from Locatelli to Sosa since Locatelli was not in good form and needed to be protected. But he seems to have found his game again and has shown it each and every time he has come off the bench.

The Ocampos substitution I understand. It was an attacking move. It's just that Ocampos is so terribly bad.

A note on some of the players.....Calabria was really bad defensively. Maccarone made him look like a fool when he came on.

De Sciglio, more or less the same as Calabria. Seems solid from time to time, and than will get embarrassed by an attacker out of nowhere whether it's 1v1 or with simple movement.

CBs? What's there to say. An utter disaster!

I already commented on the midfield.....completely useless. Every single one of them!

This was a great opportunity to get away from Inter and stretch the gap. Instead, we came out with the wrong mentality, which also has to go on Montella. The first 30 minutes we played with no grit! we were passing the ball around like this was a training keep-away exercise! I don't understand what the big deal about possession is! Everyone goes crazy about it, yet we had no real opportunities on goal. Just passive passing and ended up with close to 70% of the possession but no opportunities in the box. Very little direct movement and very slow build ups. No killer instinct and passion by some of the players.

This is also what I was talking about earlier about MDS being the captain. How can you be the captain when you act like a little bitch on the field. I don't think I've ever seen this guy raise his voice at anyone, to urge them on, to pick up the passion, the lead by example. He is like a fuking mime with a numb face out there!

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