Matchday 33: Milan - Empoli (Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 15:00 CET)
In all fairness, Zapata was right there contesting for the header as good as he could possibly do it. Sometimes you just get beat in the air, especially by a bigger stronger player. It happens. Imo, it wasn't a fuk up or terrible defending. It was just one of those things that can happen on a corner. A contested header by two players but eventually won by the attacker. That's not to say that Zapata has had a good game.
Donnarumma should have also come out for that. He could have punched it out. He took a step forward and than changed his mind.

In any case, no particular fault to anyone on the goal. It's one of those that can happen.

I am more concerned about Pasalic and Sosa, who have been terrible imo in this half. Sloppy and unconvincing. I just can not understand what Montella sees in both of them but especially Pasalic.

Someone needs to tell Suso to stop shooting from every damn position. He reminds me of Boateng in this game, with the difference that I guess at least Suso is getting them on target and Boateng would put them into the stands.
The overlap is always on from Calabria and he has been excellent crossing the ball, so instead of shooting from 35 meters out every time, he should just reward the overlap and change it up.

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