Matchday 33: Milan - Empoli (Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 15:00 CET)
We welcome Empoli to the San Siro on Sunday as we try to continue our push for the Europa League. Empoli is currently 5 points out of the relegation zone so we are definitely favourites going into it. However, we are at the point in the season where relegation-troubled teams tend to get super powers and play above their average level. Additionally, we just drew against Pescara so we can't take anything for granted.

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Siamo a posto cosi.
I am confident with this one. 4-0 or gtfo. Big Grin
Too true, that Pescara match was a tough one to drop points in...
Every game right now is a must win. 3-0 for me.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
should win this one comfortably but who knows with our team...
really liked what I saw from Mati last game so hope he starts this game.
The big difference is that now our midfield can keep the ball and pass the ball. They are still not great, but already miles better than before.
This team just beat Fio last week, we must focus and not slip here.
Empoli has really struggled to score goals this season. I remember earlier in the season they had gone for a certain number of games without scoring a goal. They usually don't score more than 1, so if we start this game in a good way and score a couple in the first half, than we can cruise to 3 points.

I do agree that we are at the point of the season where the relegation battlers play like they are possessed. Hopefully the fact that we are playing at home will mean for something in this one and we'll get the 3 points.

It's an interesting week because we can put a little bit of a distance between us and Inter because they play away to Fiorentina. The Viola will certainly see that game as the last remote opportunity for Europe and there is every chance that they beat Inter in that game.
Atalanta play Bologna, which can be a potential banana skin for them (Bologna has actually performed very well recently and have been unlucky in not gathering more points in their last few games) while Lazio plays Palermo so they'll definitely win.

We have a real opportunity to finish 4th so we have to keep close to Lazio, who are now clearly the favorites for that position. Needless to say, this weekend's game is an absolute must win....otherwise we might very well find ourself in a tough position in the race for EL yet again.
We really need to win this one. We can't afford to drop points against the small clubs at this stage of the season.

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We need two victories before playing against Roma and then Atalanta.

While we play Empoli and Crotone, Inter has to play against Fiorentina (they lost against Empoli, they need to win !) and Napoli, and Atalanta will play against Bologna (probably a win) and Juventus. Lazio should at least take 3 points (vs Palermo) out of the next 2 games as when we'll play against Cotrone, they will have their derby against Roma.

When we'll play against Roma, we could very possibly be 4th with the same amount of points as Lazio.

PS : Guys, I'll be in San Siro for the game against Roma !
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !