Matchday 33: Milan - Empoli (Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 15:00 CET)
(04-20-2017, 03:45 PM)nefremo Wrote: Oh man, I'm sorry!!! In that case, we will definitely beat Roma! Big Grin That will make everything easier.

I've been to the San Siro twice......twice Milan lost! I am in the works of trying to make it there again next year and hopefully catch the derby or the Juve game. Maybe I'll finally witness a win!

That's a shame for you. The last time I saw a game at the San Siro, it was the CL qualifying match against PSV, we won 3-0 with a Boateng brace and a Balotelli volley..... then we sold Boateng almost immediately a week later.... but at least we qualified for the group stages.

Yeah... I miss those nights...
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Correct me if I'm wrong, but as long as Lazio get a top 5 finish, 6th will be enough for us to get into the EL, as Lazio are also in the Coppa final. We just have to make sure to keep Inter behind us.
Yes, that's correct. 6th place will enter the Europa League, but the "problem" is that whoever finishes 6th will start in the 2nd qualifying round which is played at the end of July (1st leg) and beginning of August (second leg). So if we finish 6th we will play the 2nd qualifying round, the 3rd qualifying round and the playoff round in order to make it to the group stages (3 rounds, 6 games). The games "should" be pretty easy for a side like Milan but we have to start the pre-season training super early, and there is a good chance that the players will run out of steam come April/May. It's still better than nothing but finishing 4th or 5th will put us DIRECTLY into the group stages. Seeing the schedules of all 4 teams battling for these spots, I think we have the most suitable schedule along with Atalanta. We have a very good chance of finishing 4th/5th.
I think if we win this weekend and Inter lose against Viola it'll be really difficult for them to catch up with us with only five matches left. Would love to go past Atalanta in the table as well, but at the moment they're doing well, so it will be difficult.
We have a direct game against Atalanta. That's where we can catch up. Lazio on the other hand has a very tough schedule as does Inter. 6 points out of the next 2 games (wins against Empoli and Crotone) will most probably put us into the EL one way or another.
It won't be a complete disaster if we build a new era without Europa league Thursday night matches next year. I would be more concerned about good transfer windows and plans for CL nights in 2018 and beyond.
I don't see how the EL would be hampering what you just said Reza. We will need to build a quality squad this summer regardless and we shpuld be able to compete in 2 competitions. All the big clubs do it. We need to stay relevant in the football world. Playing in Italy alone doesn't do it. Sure the EL is not the CL, but it still puts you out there.

Also, UEFA rankings just came out and we are 41st I think? That's terrible. Rankings means jack all to anyone that knows how they are done, but they actually matter a lot in the UEFA draws. Without European competition again next sesson I wouldn't be surprised if we were 50+ by next year. Good luck in the CL draw with a ranking like that. Another thing, the EL is another ticket to the CL. It's a long shot, but it's another opportunity.
I meant not a complete disaster, for sure it is preferable to participate in European competition, ranking and a few million euros too. There is also another 'minor' issue with being in third qualifying round of Europa and playing friendlies in China, they would be very close.
Inter lost tonight, predictably enough. This makes Empoli a must win for us. If we do get three points, I think our chances of making it to the EL are really good.
And don't forget....Inter plays against Napoli next week. In current form, there is no way they are taking any points out of that game. We on the other hand go to Crotone. Not am easy gsme, but easier than Napoli for sure. The next 2 games will surely define our sesson.