Matchday 32: Inter - Milan (Saturday April 15, 2017 - 12:30 CET)
Didn't get to see the match live as I was away (though keeping track of the score). I did catch up on watching it yesterday and must say I thought the draw was fair, I think we actually could have won given the performance and I think on the whole we were actually the better team.

That said, it's evident there are some obvious issues with this side that I hope can be improved in the summer. A few bullets of things I noticed:

- We need a leader in defence. We have 3 young players at the back (4 if you count Donnarumma) and Zapata simply isn't suited in this backline. His performance was actually concerning, as he'd push out with Icardi through the match and was regularly caught out as a result allowing Inter to get in behind. The Icardi goal was as a result of this. I'm not sure if Musacchio's able to lead the backline, but I sure hope he's a strong communicator.

- The midfield Sad Kucka and Sosa are simply not good enough and while Mati did well, it is evident he's not had as much time to integrate into the team as others, nor is he one to rebuild around if we want to be a top team. Locatelli was great after coming on and I fully expect him to return to the starting lineup sooner rather than later. Basically, we need a whole new midfield with only a talented but raw Locatelli looking good enough going forward.

- Deulofeu is a useful player but not quite a top player yet. Obviously his end product is lacking and decision making needs to improve. If possible to get him, I would like to see him join this summer as he has qualities that we really benefit from (pace and direct running), but if not I won't lose sleep either. I think under Montella he would improve on the issues and could reach his potential.

- Bacca is too limited. This isn't a surprise, but he's simply not what this side needs and honestly I can't remember him making a big impression against a big side for us.

Despite the flaws, it was a good game, both in quality and entertainment. I accept mistakes in highly charged and emotional matches like these are inevitable, so there are a few instances where I can accept players making errors. I actually think mentally we composed ourselves better than Inter and while Montella did well with his decision making during the match, Pioli made errors in the changes he made to let us back into a game that should have been closed off.

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