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RE: Milan Management - sylrus - 03-23-2018

omfg, he is that rich, maybe he could buy us, Devilol

Milan Management - Mystik - 03-24-2018

So if I'm understanding this right, Li will lose stake in the club if he doesn't pay back Elliot the money he borrowed by October? So now we're looking for someone else to borrow money from to pay back this debt.. But wouldn't that entity also want a stake in the club? Where would that leave Li?

RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 03-24-2018

(03-24-2018, 01:35 PM)Mystik Wrote: So if I'm understanding this right, Li will lose stake in the club if he doesn't pay back Elliot the money he borrowed by October? So now we're looking for someone else to borrow money from to pay back this debt.. But wouldn't that entity also want a stake in the club? Where would that leave Li?

You answered your last question with your first

RE: Milan Management - ACMILAN1983 - 03-24-2018

Got to say the latest rumours are a little concerning. Not so much because of what the press are reporting, but that there is clearly something going on given Elliot's starting to speak out more (even if in support of Milan), Li's apparently struggling with payments (initial concerns about his wife acting as a guarantor) and now with the current 10m due.

If in the eventuality the club is sold (most likely scenario if Li can't continue to support the club), then I kind of hope we maintain the current management of Fassone and Mirabelli. I think regardless of the money backing them, they have done well in this first year they've been in charge. Plus, I think it's important to see continuity on the project, I don't want another year 0.

RE: Milan Management - somedevil - 03-24-2018

Not sure what the deal with the Chinese is. But I am pretty much convinced that we will see another sale sooner than later.

RE: Milan Management - nefremo - 03-24-2018

I don't think Elliot will take over. Li (and anyone behind him) won't let that happen. They'll sell for 400-450mil and recoup whatever possibly before losing the club to the hedge fund. The only way this won't happen is if Elliot has put clauses in there preventing this scenario. 

IF Elliot gives Li a further 37mil for the running of the club as it's being said, then we can be sure this is the end of the Chinese. That means that they are just investing the 37mil to make sure Milan doesn't default and then sell off everything after the season.

I don't normally believe rumors like these...but clearly something is up. Seems like Fassone has been going to London every other week for the past 2 months and nothing has come of it. On the other hand, Li can't even inject 10mil without delays. At this point, a sale is probably the most likely scenario. I just hope whoever comes next has a long term plan and especially financial stability. 

Dev, I don't think that Fassone and Mirabelli will remain if a sale happens. I think potential investors will view Li's failure partly as Fassone failure. Right or wrong, that's what I think will happen.

RE: Milan Management - AC_Troy - 03-25-2018

Milan shareholder Giuseppe La Scala believes owner Yonghong Li is “weak economically and financially, so should negotiate a less painful transition with Elliott.”
The situation is degenerating with multiple reports over the past few days that an investigation has been started into Li’s takeover from Silvio Berlusconi and a letter sent by the club demanding €10m missed its deadline.
It is increasingly likely that Li will only be able to increase the capital and get that €10m for wages and bills thanks to an additional loan from hedge fund Elliott Management.
“As a shareholder, I only have €300-500 involved, but as a fan it’s only right we understand what it means for Milan having a majority shareholder who right now seems weak economically and financially,” La Scala told
“His problem now is not being able to reassure us that he is a stable leader for the club, but more how he is able to give back what Elliott are owed.
“At this point, it seems most likely that Li Yonghong should negotiate a less painful transition with Elliott that will allow him to lose as little money as possible.
“For example, he could step aside with an agreed timetable, Elliott can start running the club and, when Milan are sold again, Elliott could divide some of that excess with Li Yonghong after being repaid the debt plus interest.”
Li was only able to complete the takeover of Milan thanks to a high-interest loan from the U.S. hedge fund.
Elliott have no interest in running the Serie A club, but do wish to get them into the Champions League in order to sell to new buyers at a profit.
Something does appear to have changed at Milan, because while before CEO Marco Fassone and the club rushed to issue denials there were any problems regarding Yonghong Li’s financial stability, they have been remarkably quiet this week.

RE: Milan Management - reza - 03-25-2018

If this is true Fininvest should be nuked, Berlusconi was on record saying he found a good owner and Fininvest demanded so many papers lol, and less than a year later we might be in deep crap, this is not 10 years later...
Milan is still a big name and Italian interest should have existed, in fact it did exist but that was long ago (Ferrero chocolate guy), but now nope. Usmanov wont give up Arsenal shares, the Monaco guy has a good deal going there...I doubt either those two will really come forward.

RE: Milan Management - nefremo - 03-25-2018

All Berlusconi cared for is the money. 

La Scala never holds back. He is the same guy that tore Galliani to pieces and he was speaking the truth. I am sure he is speaking the truth now too. 

Until now, it was only paper talk and rumors. Now however, you have La Scala saying this and even though he is part of the group that has 0.01% of the club, I am sure he knows the inner details of what's going on.

Not good for Li. Let's hope someone solid steps up.

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 03-25-2018

Yup, La Scala never told lies or even spoke jibber jabber wihtout knowing solid fact. Not good.