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RE: Milan Management - sylrus - 10-23-2017


RE: Milan Management - GeoTav - 10-23-2017

If the rumours of the day are true, that means Montella has lost the group and needs to go ASAP :
- Bonucci, after the game against Sampdoria, would have said to the other players that if he was the problem, the captain armband was available
- Montella and Montolivo would have had an argument about the captaincy (Montella would have wanted him to take it back if I understand correctly, what Montolivo would have refused)

That's just bad management from the start ... The way the armband was given to Bonucci was a bomb waiting to explode as it has put so much pressure on the guy (and given his performances, I think it's obvious his season hasn't even started yet), and it could have (and maybe has) divided the whole group of players. I can only understand that Montolivo refuses to take the armband now.

RE: Milan Management - slifersd - 10-23-2017

I said this before and I will say it again, for as much as Montella is a problem, Fassone and Mirabelli need to take responsibility for their actions as well. I saw a tweet the other day that basically sums up their work during the summer pretty well "250M spent on transfers, and Milan's best player is the goalkeeper they already had." I understand that they wanted to build depth within the team, but there were a lot of decisions that were quite dubious from the start. Why did we bring in Calhanoglu when almost none of our formations suits him? Why did we double dip in striker with Kalinic and Silva? Why was the midfield not property reinforced with higher quality players? Sure, Montella isn't doing great, but the course F&M set us on during the mercato was a major factor too. Firing Montella doesn't solve the midfield problem, and it sure as hell doesn't explain why Silva and Kalinic has to fist fight each other for a starting position.

RE: Milan Management - Nicolas - 10-23-2017

Any manager who cant utilize Bonucci properly should be fired. We have never played a whole good match under Montella. He has never had a clear gameplan, he constantly gets outsmarted by other managers, there is absolutely no consistency in his lineups and worst of all he is too stubborn to admit any of it. He is by far one of the worst managers we have had.

RE: Milan Management - ACM2020 - 10-23-2017

What a hot mess. No one wants to be captain anymore? Let's give it to someone young and bold, and start a new era. Icon_lol2

Of course, I am not sure in what direction this new era will take us. Maybe up; maybe down--way down. Grinundwech

RE: Milan Management - reza - 10-24-2017

Football Italia is quoting sources as saying Jorge Jesus as a possible Montella replacement? Lol please no.

RE: Milan Management - Sampinjon - 10-24-2017

It's rumours placed by FM, so that when day come Sousa looks like a good choice Big Grin

RE: Milan Management - reza - 10-24-2017

Big Grin

RE: Milan Management - porcho - 10-24-2017

Why no JJ?? Not saying he'd be great but a significantly better coach then the others named so far.

RE: Milan Management - Jay Crisp - 10-29-2017

Milan have renewed their confidence in Montella after the 2-0 defeat to Juventus - Sky Sport Italia, the Corriere dello Sport and Mediaset Premium